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Boom Beach | Warriors vs Hammerman’s HQ 30, Dr Terror Volcano & More!

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Today in Boom Beach my low level account takes on CRAZY challenges! Dr Terror’s Volcano Island, Hammerman HQ30, and MORE! Enjoy!

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  1. It's from the dark knight

  2. Oml Harvey Dent/Two Face from The Dark Knight

  3. i lost 3 warriors… i destroyed the boom canon and my warriors were nere the rocket launcher.. so the rocket launcher were unable to hit my troups

  4. the mega crab is coming back in March 25

  5. i swear to fucking god if i see that fucking xfinity ad one more fucking time i will literaly snap my tablet in half.

  6. its from the dark night

  7. +nickatnte im just beat Hammerman from lvl 37 lel XD

  8. hey can I join your clan I only have 96 trophies

  9. you do not have to use warriors because i beat hammermman level 30 with 9 heavys, 8 zookas and 1 tank

  10. I used tanks to defeat hammerman

  11. I used tanks to defeat hammerman

  12. the secret to that stage is tanks

  13. I love your shirt it's my favorite team

  14. theres an easyer way to beat him.
    instead of moving from the back make your warriors go straight towards the HQ and use that Shock bomb to destroy those 10 defensive buildings on the way.
    when you reach to the HQ make sure that the warriors stand on the right corner so his Boom Cannon wont be able to attack you. GOOD LUCK!

    Im currently Level 28 (HQ 11) and I used 20 warriors to beat him
    sorry for my bad grammar

  15. lol im level 14 and i got 5 powder…

  16. screw the blackhawks im a preds fan

  17. Blackhawks are my fav team to!btw warriors rock

  18. i had power powders at lvl 14 lol

  19. thx 4 this nick I still haven't beaten hammer man 30

  20. I just beat lvl 30 hammermans base with the help of this video thank you nickatnite, you're the best

  21. i beat the first 3 levels of dr T in level 15 and my Hq is lvl 6 =)

  22. Movie that was from I believe is dark knight "Die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

  23. im level 17 hq level 7

  24. The phrase was from The Dark Knight

  25. I am lv 8 and l have powder

  26. Is it me or at 4:57 the submarine top is huge?

  27. Does this mean that after you beat hammer man ha 30 he'll attack you instead of you beating him?

  28. Thanks that was very helpfull

  29. lol "terror stage" the old days… Today I fight dr. T

  30. I am level 16 and have power powder

  31. амерекос иди в жопу

  32. it's level 10 gun boat to get Rockets

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