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Boom Beach – war factory unboosted – 1/6/2016

Lazy man’s war factory. Nice little pocket behind core and no mines to clear.

3x unboosted gunboat attacks, then an unboosted zooka finish
– attempted a heavy distraction that I’ve seen another YouTuber (Tu Dang) do and failed-ish

96x level 21 zookas
55% TD
33% TH
108 starting GBE

Using three(ish) gbe attacks I removed the four mortars and 3 rls

Changes worth considering:

– The rls never turned so the critters weren’t necessary. Could have not flared core and simply cleared the area instead

This WF could be taken down in one (strong) unboosted attack but then it would exclude the lower level accounts from following along.
– Due to the blindspot behind core this is a great WF for low level accounts!

I had to check the health of defenses a few times and left it in thinking it might be useful for comparing. Let me know if you like it or prefer shorter videos.

*I accidentally hit ‘stop recording’ (yet again) after the 2nd attack in case you notice weirdness.


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  1. Iam just 1 attack.. I will sub your channel… good… 

  2. You can find my attack in my cahnnel… good luck bro

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