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Boom Beach – the new DC is way too op

As someone who doesn’t put any thought into defense I’ve always relied on a “hidden” DC to get intel/diamonds. Putting a doom canon somewhere that it has no right to be often takes out at least one scorcher or tank.

Since the update things have gotten ridiculous though. 11 tanks went down in 4 DC hits. Tanks group very tightly when flared and he happened to flare directly into DC range. I think the first shot took down 5 tanks?!

I’d seriously consider putting down a “hidden DC” if you don’t have ice or don’t put a lot of thought (or care) into defense. It’s a very easy way to get intel and diamonds.

p.s the first three defends were a guy messing with my Hot Spot (that sounds dirty).


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  1. These new changes give defense a big boost. We're going to have to switch up troop combos more often. The revamped DC is going to make it harder for most troop combos.

  2. 1 hit multiple kill blast from DC…

  3. Very upset with boom beach… AZ won't stay under smoke… sucks big time

  4. So smoky zooka will become harder to use or..?

  5. The lolz So was that 3 kills for one shot, 3 consecutive times.

  6. Wow, I would cry if that happened to me.

  7. the attacker was sleeping i guess,even if his tanks were being vaporized he had still a chance to take out DC,but he made them hit by DC

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