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Boom Beach: TF Ballers

Choke Point with only 26 attacks. I’d say that’s pretty darn SUPER!

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  1. Fainally ..boom beach ✌️

  2. Hey DT are you not responding to comments anymore? or you just busy ? really love the videos though❤ super happy that you posted a boom beach vid too=)

  3. great vid did the stream go well

  4. Its totally an arrow ??

  5. Hi DT, I am a "newcomer" to your task force, my in game name is David12345 (silly name). Anyway thank you for having me in your task force and great job on the videos I like them a lot ?

  6. You look nice. The end. Get dee in a video. ??????

  7. hehe thought this video wasnt gonna happen haha

  8. Thanks for the mention DT, this TF surely rocks!

  9. Давно я тут ничего не писал))

  10. Do you have a clan in clash of clans can I join

  11. ☁??☁??☁

  12. lol … that last attack … lol

  13. marry me…. haaha awesome vids btw

  14. Highscore games are best!

  15. i made my boom beach royal and more channel

  16. makeing my video now

  17. Very beautiful DT

  18. man..that was a dick on the phone !! theres a dick on the phone !! (kevin hart voice) -_-

  19. looking super duper gorgious lena

  20. Where are you??? We miss you ???

  21. ur always welcome princess lena

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