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Boom Beach Task Force | Fang Special! | Massive Attack | Tutorial For Two Layouts!

Fang Special / Massive Attack / Tutorial For Two Layouts:
– 167XP / 300FP: Normal (max level) layout
– 143XP / 181FP: Nightmare (rocket launcher) layout


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  1. Amazing attacks well played.
    I am in a 10 players TF and when we face fang in choke point it usually take three scorcher and zooka attacks.

  2. this 3 rls can go down in 1 atack

  3. awesome video. very helpful and informative. Keep it up!

  4. funny part of the story, I'm watching your attacks and NOT believing what I'm seeing 🙂 you guys are truly amazing!!!

  5. Nice Teamwork ?? verry usefull tips! Keep it up ??

  6. can you have a video going more in depth for using the smokey HOOKA please? i cant seem to arrange the different troops together. smokey zooka is fine since they are all going in the same speed, but i tried using smokey hooka and failed. so if you dont mind making a video on that, it would be awesome. thanks

  7. Why you guys don't use Scorchers instead of the Heavies??

  8. If using smoky hooka use double flare to group the zookas (shoot a flare in the back zone of the smoked area and then to the core), because if you don't do it zookas also get hit by the rockets – however by doing this you'll do at least 10% more damage to the core. 😉 good video otherwise!

  9. good vidéo i dont speak english ;)

  10. when taking down those rocket launchers, make sure to throw an artillery at them. it makes them weak enough that all zookas only need one shot to take them out, and they can take down an extra rocket

  11. New task force looking for active players come join me @ army of killers

  12. when it comes to triangle smoke, why do you always waste one. I mean, you always wait for the hz to reach the flare spot, which was already covered in smoke. Instead you can cover the flare spot with three smokes.

  13. 08:54 First reaction – "OMG!!!"

  14. big shut out to you guys keep up the good work , for tiangle smoke when you're close to the core you need to use a flare back and then flare to the core to make sur that heavys are in front cause sometimes some zookas walk in front with the heavys or they are to close so that the RLs will hit them when shooting on the heavys ( a lot of attacks from you did need that reflaring trick , the extra attack from player know that trick so i think every one should know it in the TF )

  15. I think both layouts are poorly done… for example second layout first attack you've wasted 4 boats of heavy and a lot of GBE to smoke them over mines. Plus Heavies can't cover zooks well enough, Scorch are better! Try Scooka 2-6 😀
    Nice job overall anyway

  16. Guys join us if you wanna be active in a TF we start ops every day our task force tag is #2V8V0QLJ

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