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Boom Beach | TANKS + MEDICS! Strategy, Tips, Attacks!

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Boom Beach Tanks in depth talking about the different stats of the main defenses that oppose tanks, and then attacking various prototype defenses in boom beach with tanks and medics!

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  1. Wow… what an idea for an Challenge… Like in 14:03 you do a Challenge Boom-Video in which you attack players with the attack layout they have… i think this would be very funny :3

  2. medics were nerfed because they did to muck hps

  3. ?New Active Task Force Looking for new Active Members?. ?Lvl 25+ 100 VP requirement?. Task force code is #2GGCGV8Y<–(Help find us)Our name is Death (boom beach) I know this is basically all I post but my tf is in a rough time right now

  4. Hi Nick,sooo easy with (free) diamants !!I spend maybe 100 euro and I'm there where u r now !!

  5. checkout my channel like,comment,subscribe!

  6. Nick, love your video's,… could you give some tips to keep your medal count low and still keep upgrading you base (no diamonds)?

  7. there were so many innuendos in this vid XD

  8. 15:22  " two 'balloon' cannons"

  9. I wanted to know if u could do a new player for lower level people

  10. more of these videos please, thank you :)

  11. +Nickatnyte classy! liked it a lot!

  12. New Task Force for new players and active players please join! #2RUUURGU

  13. Hey Nick,
    What recording software do you use for the video?

  14. a lot of rookie mistakes here

  15. More boom yeah keep up da work on ur way one million subs

  16. How does he video tape him playing the game on his iPad and has his face in it

  17. Just got to ask you though, the undying wallbreaker video in CoC, was that meant to be funny or were you really wanting to try that?

  18. It's like Giants and helers but in boom beach

  19. legal, agora aumenta as medalhas fera

  20. More Tactical please Nick! 

  21. we are looking for task force members that will attack in ops join, K hoods

  22. wow youee terrible in boom now….

  23. tactical, for funny I watch comedy on neflix

  24. Barraging a rocket while 3 booms are chilling around HQ, lose 7 tanks. With a full boost at sub 600vp… oh my word. lol

  25. subscribe nickatnyte!

  26. video is pointless. Completely different video without boost.

  27. +nickatnyte do you think it would be possible if supercell would actually get a display recorder for the actual boom beach app? I know that hungry shark had an auto recorder if you want to record what you are doing. You are doing well man! I want to record but can't :/ I'm a level 35 noob though

  28. also, vp998 with no ice

  29. I know why I keep watching your videos;) you are one of the greatest youtubers!

  30. Fuerza operativa: ExTREME CANNON. Unanse chicos.

  31. sorry nick but don't you mean strategic advantage=)

  32. Lol since when do medics fix tanks xD it should be mechanics but ok.

  33. Hey Nick,
    I watch your videos often. To help with your tank strategy alil bit I'll throw u a few tips. Don't worry so much about boom cannons and especially the ones closer to the beach all you have to do is throw a flare on the boom and once your tanks get lined up for it right before it shoots throw a smoke down once the smoke clears all your tanks will fire at the same time and blast it in 1 shot (this also works for special weapons, shock launchers) way cheaper GBE then using so many barrage and shells as you do. That way when you really are in a bad spot you have a boat full of GBE to barrage away a shock behind an HQ or shock sum defenses. Also fun to sync up tanks when taking down an HQ throw a smoke on them and they will all blast the HQ at the same time it goes down in huge chunks that way rather than bit by bit…

    1 last thing if a boom is in the middle of the base or behind an HQ flare to it throw a smoke down tanks will blast it in 1 shot then just flare back out and smoke again (if needed) to take out other defenses like snipers and flamethrowers. Works great for me I'm a 49 and have lvl 15 tanks with lvl 10 medics I rarely ever loose a tank an im taking down lvl 60s all day. I'm only holding 2 in a boat right now in 5 crafts and 4 medics in 3 crafts.. so ur 3 in a boat should make this whole process even more fun. let me no what u think. Hopefully this helps. I got my whole TF doing the smokie tank move now makes a huge difference.

  34. Ibthing it should be both goofy and serious but mostly goofing around with attack strategies and funny operations

  35. I began in july now its october and im almost 32

  36. try to show without boost

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    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    Boom Beach | TANKS + MEDICS! Strategy, Tips, Attacks!

  38. nick I dare you to do no GBE attacks with rifles

  39. supercell can make this game better than clash of clans …….but shame…….supercell u sucks….u hear me ….?

  40. Firstly, I don't think Maxed out guys watch your strategy videos, and Secondly, lower level players ( 47 level players at most ) don't really benefit from your videos because we do not have fully upgraded troops or landing crafts for that matter! What's the point of watching such guides?!!! I'm not criticizing you! You're doing good my friend. No offense! Just saying what i really feel!

  41. This strategy is called the Tedic

  42. What's the point of having your HQ right up front on the beach? I've seen it before, am I missing something? That's just begging to get raided.

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