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Boom Beach New Update featuring the Statue Storage Gameplay!
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  1. nickatnyte. . you rule I'm binge watching boom beach videos and loving it

  2. +nickatyte you have been awarded the award for best gamer in this world by international union of gamers. Claim it by using 8 cards which swap most no. of troops on battlefield. Good Luck

  3. It's useless actually…..

  4. Considering you can't store already placed statues it's fucking useless I don't get it if you could it would be awesome offline whip out your ice online all red and purple but you can't do that so what's the point ?????

  5. Task force vault with task force base, with the resources added in the vault Leaders and co-leaders could built defenses and power cells similar to operation bases in that task force base, also upgrade them with those resources.
    Task forces could attack an other task force base with maximum 3 attacks and they would have to choose the 3 players in advance and have a certain period to complete the attacks, during which time no other task force would be able to attack them and once the time runs out and you haven't managed to destroy the base you would not receive any resources just like individual attacks and the ability to scout other players task forces bases, prior attacking them.
    The way they should appear would require an radar lvl 21 and the new areas you uncover would be the players task force bases. You would be able to attack one base at a time and no one else.
    I apologize in advance if this idea was mentioned before.

  6. Yo nick have any advice for Hammerman I can't get past stage 2

  7. All these Masterpeices I have reclaimed

  8. Damn. I just reclaim a statue I shouldn't of. Lol. Should of waited

  9. so did the update come out

  10. This was my idea way back in the day. Check the forums. You're welcome.

  11. hey Nick when its gonna release

  12. would be NICE if we could store our placed statues, that way we could have ALL DIF statues when offline. and all OFFENCE STATUES when online.

  13. Honestly, anything after the crab would be a letdown. Short of making the crab a regular weekly or monthly event, BoomBeach has basically jumped the shark with this building. Would be better if we could switch them out, but it's useless otherwise.

  14. hey nick when are gonna raid some insane resource bases. need tips on how to successfully conquer them. thanks

  15. What level headquarters is that?

  16. You can only put new statues created in the storage. You can't put one in that you already have deployed on your base.

  17. This game needs more variation. More events, more crabs (no pun) and more flexibility regarding buildingtime and statues

  18. When the update is caming out??

  19. if you have sculptor at max then that storage building is no use basically

  20. I feel like this is pointless

  21. This is legit awesome

  22. when will it be launched

  23. It would be super cool if boom beach unlocked air attacks and defenses. like helicopters, and antiair defenses!

  24. This is just a fucking dreadful idea

  25. I wish it was a basic storage building. so it could store experimental weapons.

  26. When is the update coming out???

  27. When is this update supposed to drop?

  28. that statue storage is gana be way to hard I picture way to meany boosted blues

  29. what level do you get that I passed HQ level 13

  30. This will be so helpful

  31. will the mega crab attack player bases is so comment

  32. when is it coming out

  33. you made it happes! hi how's it going? disapprove flimsy !!!

  34. Hopefully on the next update they focus on atacking allitle more cuz with this and the prototype d it'll be hell to atack

  35. I wonder why boom doesn't have any flying units

  36. I'd love an update where we can flag key targets in operations. And place arrows for ideal direction of attacks when scouting. Sabotage is useless. At least give us more of an incentive to sabotage.

  37. When this update is coming

  38. Hey nick how did you get that many statue pieces ?

  39. That statue storage is going mess things up. It is taking away from strategy. They should make that once you place the statue it caNnot go back into storage, SMFH

  40. im really exited for the new update!

  41. Now they should update the troops to flare separately.

  42. this is totally useless if can't store back the deployed statue back into the storage… hopefully supercell can come out with something like clan castle or maybe called force base for us to donate statue among our group rather than coming out with something useless like this…

  43. I cant believe I am the lowest base that can have the storage

  44. Boom Beach is better than Clash of Clans.

  45. Your info was wrong. Once a statue is deployed you can't store it or switch it with another one. This is a very limited item.

  46. Delete this video this statue storage thing is stupid

  47. If you can't cycle the statutes – deployed / not deployed / deployed – then there is no real purpose to the storage building. This is a big fail on the part of the game's designers.

  48. Wouldn't the mega crab also have a statue storage though

  49. Hey Nick this video is confusing since you can't put placed statues back in storage.. Pls delete it, thx!

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