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  1. Notification squad where u at?!

  2. Good vid but guys i really need members to fill my task force please join l@@t raiders.

  3. I think you should move the facecam a bit down

  4. Turn it into a green base and move ur face cam so we can see the diamonds.

  5. green statues!? jimmy is crazy guys

  6. I hope you don't mind me asking but can you not put your face camera over the diamonds because I like to see how many diamonds you have thanks.

  7. 4:20 lol lvl 3 resource base I have a lvl 9 and lvl 4 resource base

  8. For a semi-idler account, yes, green statues (and maybe an ice or 2), do the resource bases in preference. Log in once a day to pick up the daily bonus, collect the resources and kick off a build, that way you could level the base up, and then come out fighting.

  9. I am lvl 32 and I have 60 more vp than this account you have

  10. The thing that kinda gets me mad is that his face cam is in his level or on his diamonds

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