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Boom Beach Starter Guide

You start your settlement with two basic materials which is Gold and Wood which you farm / collect from building your Residence ( Gold ) and the Sawmill ( Wood ). The most important building in this game is your Headquarters which you require to upgrade your other buildings and units by increasing your Headquarters level but also holds all your resources here.

This means if your enemy destroys your Headquarters, they will win the round as all your other structures will be automatically destroyed and they will rob you of ALL of your resources.
To prevent a situation of total lost of resources, you can always build a Vault structure that helps to protect a portion of your resources. A Vault at level 1 can protect 25% of your total resources and upgrades are required to increase this protection.
As progress in the game you will find securing resources to be a challenge. You are allowed to build more Residences for gold production with upgrades in Headquarters but you will only have 1 Sawmill at your base ! What else is virtually all upgrades including building and defenses require Wood but not Gold. This makes it seem that Wood to be one of the most important resource especially in the beginning of the game.
So how do you deal with this ?
Gold production –To increase your Gold production you have to explore the World and free more colonies / islands under slavery by the BlackGuard and they will in turn pay you a tribute every hour. In the start, many colonies / islands will not be visible to you until you upgrade your Radar that will increase your line of sight. Also, even with Radar upgrades, Gold is sometimes required to reveal certain areas, as these normally reveal a special of interest ( special island or human player base ).
As you explore and capture more islands, your Gold production will obviously increase but the Blackguard from time to time will reclaim these bases and often build better defenses every time. So to maintain your gold production, you will have to ensure that all these islands stay with you.
Gold is also essential for building of military units and upgrades. Do no neglect gold production as there are often many things that you can do with excess Gold such as remove Trees and Stones for quick resources. Note that these Trees and Stones do not respawn, so use them sparingly and plan for your upgrades.
Wood production – As what we mentioned above, the initial part of the game priority should be given to Wood production as the bulk of structure and building upgrades need this. We placed priority to upgrade the Sawmill immediately after every Headquarter level upgrade so to maximize base production. There will be many times that you will be short of Wood so use your excess Gold to remove Trees when required.
What other options ? With Military conquest, quickly explore the rest of the map as each battle gives you resources. For a meaningful resource boost, attack human players as they often as a stockpile of resources and might not have Vault protection yet.

Finally, in the later stages you will discover additional Resources bases for your Wood production. You will have to keep this protected and if you’re lucky you the base will also have Trees for you to chop down for emergency usage.

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