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Boom Beach Starter Guide

Progression Terms

Victory Points – Do you see that number below your name? Those are your Victory Points (VPs, sometimes called medals).

When one of your freed villages gets invaded by the Blackguard, you lose a Victory Point. Each time you win a battle, you gain one or more VPs. And every time you are successfully raided, you lose one. Additionally, the difficulty of your opponents is based around your medal count, so don’t rise up too high, too fast!

Experience Level – That circle in the top-left corner shows your experience level. The number in the inside is your current level, and the light blue bar shows how close you are to the next level. At certain XP levels, you are able upgrade your Headquarters and unlock new items.


Achievements – As you complete new goals, you will earn achievements. These have three levels, which are represented by stars. Each one you complete gives Diamonds (and Game Center points, if you care about those). The most rewarding is the War Hero achievement, which gives over 1,300 Diamonds.

High Scores – There are three different leaderboards in Boom Beach. The global leaderboard shows the worldwide rankings. The local leaderboard consists of players from your specific country. And finally, your friends list shows where you rank among your buddies. The global and local boards only display the top 50 players, unless you are within the top 20,000.

Settings – You can take quite a few important actions in the settings. These include linking your progress between devices, connecting to Facebook, contacting support, and other fun things!

Inbox – What’s going on today in Boom Beach? The inbox will let you know! If there’s a red circle with a “1” next to the mail icon, then you have a message from Supercell. This could inform you about an update, a maintenance break, important news, and more.

Hammer – This button takes you to the menu, where you can build new things.

Compass – This one takes you to the map, where you can attack different bases.


Gold – Gold has many purposes. It’s used to do the following:

  • upgrade Troops, Gunboat abilities, and Mines in the Armory
  • train Troops to attack with
  • attack
  • explore new sections of the archipelago
  • send the Submarine on a dive
  • remove trees and rocks

Wood – Wood is the first building material that you will use in the game. It is used to upgrade buildings.

Stone – Stone is available at HQ level 6. It is used with wood to upgrade buildings. Until you upgrade to HQ level 7, you can only obtain Stone by attacking. This shouldn’t be an issue, as all NPC bases and many player bases give a sufficient amount.

Iron – Iron is available at HQ level 9. Iron is also used to upgrade buildings with Wood and Stone. Similar to Stone, you won’t get an Iron Mine until HQ level 10, but you can obtain it by attacking.

Diamonds – Diamonds can be earned through achievements, successful defenses, opening chests, diving with the Submarine, and your Victory Point reward. They are used to buy missing resources and hurry upgrades. They’re totally optional, and nothing needs to be bought with them. However, they can help you advance very quickly and become a much stronger player.

Power Stones – Once you build the Sculptor, you’ll be able to get Power Stones, which are used to create Statues. There are four different types: Life, Magma, Ice and Dark. You can get Life and Magma Power Stones from any normal base. Ice Power Stones are raided from the snowy islands in the North. And finally, you get Dark Power Stones by beating Dr. Terror (see further down) stages. The two other ways to obtain Power Stones are from the Submarine and the Victory Point reward. These can be used to create Statues, which give you special boosts.


Blackguard Base (NPC) – NPC bases, or Non-player character bases, are computer controlled opponents. On your map, they just have a tiny circle with a number inside. They are usually easy to beat but don’t give too much loot. They also reward you with 1 VP, but you lose a VP when they appear on your map.

Blackguard Base (Player) – These are the real people. They could be your friend, your boss, your professor, or your brother. But they’re probably some totally random guy you’ll never know. Player bases can be identified by a silhouette of a person with a tiny circle overlapping. These opponents, if they have a good base, will probably be more challenging. However, you win 2 VPs when you beat them and lose 1 when they appear on your map.

Resource Base – Resource bases are cool. Basically, you and John (that’s what we’ll call him) are matched up against each other. You guys are both fighting to keep control of the base. When you take over the resource base, John can take it back, and the cycle repeats. Each time it is recaptured by someone, new defenses are added, and existing defenses become stronger. But why do you want control of these bases so badly? They produce resources for you, which arrive in those boats next to the Landing Crafts. Resource bases are a fun element of the game that provide you with a constant flow of loot.

Lt. Hammerman – One of the two bosses in the game, Lt. Hammerman is very difficult but very rewarding. When you open certain sections of the radar, you might discover one of his bases. Usually these will have a “super weapon” and very tough defenses. If you’re having trouble, there are plenty of videos on how to beat it. He gives an incredible 5 VPs and tons of Power Stones.

Dr. Terror – Once you beat Hammerman’s HQ level 10, on Wednesday at 00:00 GMT, Dr. Terror will land. He’s one of the most exciting parts of the game. Dr, terror stays for 24 hours and has 20 stages that you could potentially destroy. He gives insane loot and at least one Dark Power Stone when you beat each stage. Furthermore, when you beat Hammerman’s HQ level 20, Dr. Terror will also arrive at 00:00 GMT on Saturday. Overall, this is a really exciting event that should make good use of your storages.


Victory Point Reward – Do you like free stuff? Well then, remember to collect your Victory Point reward, daily! This reward arrives in a boat every day at 00:00 GMT and offers you three different options. You have 24 hours to choose before the next reward comes. Choose wisely!

Submarine – Do you like free stuff… underwater? Well then, send your Submarine on a deep sea treasure hunt! To use the Submarine, you must have a level 9 HQ and a level 7 Radar. Click on one of the yellow buoys on the map, and then look at the different options. If you need more help with this, there are many videos explaining it, including one from the Boom Beach developers:

The “Instant” Upgrade Option – This option basically combines the total cost of the required resources with the cost of hurrying it up, and allows you to hit one button to do it all. It saves you time, but it doesn’t save you diamonds, so I would stay away from this.

Daily summary – This tells you how many people scouted you, attacked you, and raided you. “Scouted” means that the person looked at your base. “Attacked” means that the person attempted to defeat you. And “raided” means that you got defeated.

Defense – Defense is an important part of the game. If you plan on keeping your loot and VPs, having a strong base is important. Additionally, you win a certain number of Diamonds for successful defenses, depending on how many of the enemy’s Troops you kill.

Boom Beach is a really fun game, but some parts can be a bit confusing. Hopefully your questions have been answered and you’ve learned something new!

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