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Boom Beach – Smoke, Inc Episode 36 – Crazy Turtle – Massive Attack – Live Stream

Boom Beach – Smoke, Inc Episode 36 – Crazy Turtle – Massive Attack – Live Stream

Join us for one of the craziest ops we’ve ever had…with TWO YOUTUBE SPECIALS: HUMBLEPIE & COOKER. This will be a double episode…the second episode will be Angry Turtles Episode 2

I will also be providing my thoughts on the new ‘Barbed Wire’ talk from Supercell.

Episode 36:

To join in on the chat from your mobile device, you can download the ‘YouTube Gaming’ app!

In this episode we will be going through a full Massive Attack op as a 25man TF.

Chat, comment, enjoy!

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  1. another amazing stream 😀 gg Smoke Inc. :D

  2. Maddox,here always wathin the replays,amazinnnnng episode.one of the best ever!Chad ,Chase,Fly and others are beasts

  3. Those Cooker hits need a separate video clip. Insane.

  4. Dude I'm one of my best guys in my tf but what is this… I'd love to join you once…

  5. Turtle, Chron did this awesome Pac-man style mine clearing with one scorcher on Humble once after his main attack with Zookas (a couple months ago). Wish someone recorded it lol

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