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Boom Beach | SIRI vs HAMMERMAN Challenge! WHY WHY WHY!?

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Boom Beach gambling on siri to tell me which defenses to use against LT HAMMERMAN attacking my back in BOOM BEACH!

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  1. Nick U make the best boom beach vids ever

  2. man, I thought that was a loss right away

  3. Try having a vp above 1000 and then try hammerman your vp is way too low!!!!!!

  4. why such video nick still numer 11111 fan

  5. I have a challenge find me an active task force lol because I cant

  6. Heh! Good job man. Those shockers were clutch!

  7. hey nick look at your base and you can see some critters walking around.Dont know if you noticed

  8. I just made a new task force search original Empire and look for ReZisT to be leader and you found it just need good decent players

  9. level up your superpowers

  10. well why did you ask siri cause it looks like she hates you

  11. do you have Skype nickatnyte

  12. nick can you make more videos on hammerman challenge I love those videos but I like them more with siri

  13. could you ask siri what boost

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