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Boom Beach | SIRI vs DR TERROR! Which Troops Do I Get?!

Today in Boom Beach Siri picks my terror troops. Now you’ve seen me incorporate her into other challenges, but Dr Terror’s Volcano Island?! Can siri pick the right troops to get the job done? Let’s see!
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  1. Nick you are awesome I love your videos

  2. How about you try scorchers with grenadiers behind

  3. How about you try scorchers with grenadiers behind


  5. After this vid. I want to buy IPhone!

  6. barage=lighting spell, medkit=heal spell, shock bomb=freeze spell

  7. Defend against hammerman using a layered defense, with snipers and residences off to the side. no layout switching from here. mines must be separated by no more than two empty spaces, and no less than one

  8. Remember when nickatnyte was teachboombeach

  9. You can move the landing crafts!?! I spent 1 million coins reorganizing my troops ??

  10. Try dr terror with riflemen only

  11. hacker 0 coin tropps

  12. hacker 0 coin tropps

  13. I got my first dr t base today. I beat bases 1 and 2, and when I say base three, i was like, nope nope nope nope nope

  14. Hey People, Come join my Boom-Beach task force! (100 VP to join) looking for Lvl13s up 🙂
    Looking for 3-5 Intel EveryWeek 🙂
    My Task force is called MlG & My TaskForce Tag is #8820LYRP
    I'm the Leader Boom Beach B0$$
    Hope You Can Join! :)

  15. Wearing a black ops shirt and playing boom beach

  16. 4:10 (insert boob joke here)

  17. u'r really awesome nick

  18. they are molatovs

  19. Let Siri choose troops for an operation

  20. try to destroy real player bases with 1 boat of any troop. ?

  21. You said between 1 and 8 so it wouldn't be rifle men or scorchers

  22. Siri loves the no.# 5 and 7

  23. hey nick granidiers can blow up critters if they are both on the same building

  24. Look at flick of the wrisk

  25. Your a great you tuber and how do you screen video

  26. Can you do a one rifelman attack with no gunboat and Medicare

  27. The ranking is from your left, the side facing forward, to right, the back side.

  28. Nickatnyte when's next video

  29. Where are you right now

  30. Oh use scorchers and grenadiers

  31. What are the odds? Someone should warn you what happens when you ask that question.

    The first throw, 0/8 of picking an already used troop. Second throw 1/8, third throw 2/8 or 1/4 so 25%. Repeating that has the odds of 1/4*1/4 = 1/16 or 6.25%

  32. "look at those jiggling canisters of goodness." -nickatnyte 2015

  33. Hey what's your task force I getting to getting one what's yours called 

  34. See how long a medic party can survive

  35. How about a challenge using only 4 landing crafts

  36. I was watching the video and at 10:30 when he says Siri my phone heard it through the out loud speakers and started searching stuff on the Internet.

  37. I have a challenge 4 you

  38. Why didn't u have to pay to full up ur troops

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