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Today in Boom Beach All MAX Scorchers take on a variety of opponents! We start with player bases, Dr Terror, some Max Resource bases and more! Have fun watching the world BURN!

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  1. Recording on a Mac is like 1% better than PCI. This is fine, record on what you want

  2. another day on the job rofl

  3. nick what's your clan name in boom

  4. Hey nick I double dog dare u to do a Changlle,no shocks,no smokes,#BOOM BEACH

  5. that day of dr terror is the easiest ,my scrother took down 7 stages with no causalities and I have not boosted a thing

  6. The power in scorchers tho

  7. What Emulator do you use?

  8. join are task force it's called Dogs of Fury were 100% active and do task force attacks frequently so join (max people 5 right now)

  9. why dont dr terror have shoc blaster or doom cannon defences why

  10. Haha YouTube is showing me boom beach commercials.

  11. nickatnyet plzz let mi in your clan and i dont have enough vicory points and i relly need advice how to be boss and im level 18 and need help on hammerman 20 i can tale him out plzz red this po yea and wat is your clan name

  12. can i have your account

  13. nickatnyte new video i love to see attack player bases with all zookas

  14. It would be funny to smoke and flare the scorchers to the base. I have a task force if anyone want s to join! We welcome everyone! The force is called tacotursday. We have 14/25 and we will bump the 25 up to 50 if needed lol. Have a good one guys

  15. Do a full critter attack

  16. I don't know if it's happening to anyone else, but Free My Apps wont let me login, or make a new verified acc, I just get put back to the verify page.

  17. love the extended game play bro i really needed the tips

  18. How do you get so high of level with so many upgrades and so many resources? You work for the developer to push the product or do you hack?

  19. not too bad brother.

  20. next video. Base defense please

  21. Hey guys can you please join my task force?
    I just started it
    Name: Guardians
    Anyone can join

  22. Guys join our family..Need few more active players. TF Name: " Vancouver,WA " Tag: #2RC009V Size: 25 man

  23. love boom beach! keep posting!

  24. whats your task force nick

  25. i like the videos a was great

  26. ‪#‎8LU2R9‬ – Avem nevoie de 6 jucatori , zilnic deschidem cel putin Stronghold

  27. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    Boom Beach | SCORCHERS vs WHATEVER! (Hint: THEY CANT DIE!)

  28. yo nick if you destroy the the wood mill/iron mill/stone quarry do they level up like or do they stay the same

  29. By lose, do you mean lose a scorcher?

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