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Boom Beach | SCORCHER TIPS & STRATEGY! | Clearing Player Bases!

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Today in Boom Beach All MAX Scorchers take on player bases and I talk general tips using max scorchers, like which defenses and offensive gunboat abilities I recommend in Boom Beach!

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  1. Nick how did you get so many diamonds?

  2. Im a noob and i have 3 landing crafts that can all hold 8 and i was wondering, should i use riflemen and zookas or heavies and zooka or all of them? Plz help me.

  3. Question, can you get a snow terrain base or is it just all grass?

  4. More boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  5. Nick I want you to to try out warrior Zokka smoke challenge

  6. Thanks for allowing recruiting Nick hehe
    25 member task force
    All level welcome!!!!!!!

  7. plus nick you can't share your troops in boom beach and can't share replays. can you tell me your task force tag. please I want to join!

  8. Nickatnyte great work on ur channel also thanks for making every viewer happy just like me thanks bro

  9. Nick, you don't have to look for the statues hidden in the trees. Just tap on a defense while you are scouting the base and you can see if it has boosted health or damage. ;)

  10. Love the Warcraft II comment. That was one of my favorite pc games growing up. Back in the days of dial up modems!

  11. sup nick nice vids as usual, just like to put a new tf out there need daily players 100vp is only hitch to get n the name is Bigs Boomers

  12. Using GBE on Rocket Launchers is a waste when you have Scorchers. RLs have such a low DPS there is no point hitting them. Deal with the cannons, Boom cannons, Doom Cannons first.

  13. I'd like to see another creative defense against hammerman. The one that you made all the troops go around was cool. I set mine up just like that except with all the defenses in the front and all the rockets in the center so if he gets past my defenses he will be hit with rockets the entire way around. Just a thought to try

  14. Nick – you're getting paired up against players that are significantly lower than you. Wouldn't you be more interested in pairing up with players that are more of a challenge? It gives the perception that scorchers can just roll by almost any base which just isn't possible against those 59-61 players.

  15. how often to offers come on free my apps becuase I got 2000 credits buy no new offers are coming up

  16. boom beach is too big and long 20 th lvl while coc has 10 then in coc it way mor competitive as u get torched from 4 sides

  17. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  18. in which task force are u nick

  19. If you are an active player and an adult join our task force "Adults@War" look for leader Chris. Must be an active every day player and have at least 300VP. Inactives get kicked, missing more than one OP will result in getting kicked, currently have 38/50 members.

  20. Checking the trees is my useful tip. :)

  21. you know you can just tap the building to check if they have extra health or extra damage? .-.

  22. nick.. make more video operation attack ols

  23. Whats your recording program

  24. Man nice, you're a man that I respect due to the fact u always share pro tips:)keep up the good work

  25. hi nick I asked to join you task force but you rejected me.why would you be so mean to me so please let me in to it and my name on boom beach is darcy will win so please

  26. I've a question Nickatnite

  27. hey nick i'm just about to level up my HQ to 18 so scorchers will be available, what level do my landing craft have to be to hold a scorcher?

  28. Why do you have to pay to deploy the scorchers????

  29. the smokescreen on weak schorchers, i need to know how to perfect it

  30. make one with full boost scorcher and headquarter rush

  31. nick, just tap a defense and you can see if the opponent has ice statues or not, click on every defense type to see the damage/health.

  32. Especially the tip on switching between offensive gunboat and defensive gunboat depending on the setup seemed really interesting to me. Thanks Nick!

  33. thanks for telling us how to get power powder ?

  34. In my opinion, I love boom beach because the single player enemy / blackguard is unlimited + you dont need to find easy people and waste your golds

  35. you are 61 and kill 49 or 50. congratulation

  36. Man you must get alota rewards for showing off boom beach..bc there is no way noway you have all those diamonds and power powders by just playing.that would take 5 years to gain all those pp.idc what u say man u cheat with rewards that supercell gives u.you and that guy ben

  37. I still like your videos tho man.your tight as hell.i like u better than ben.sorry ben…also in have spent over 500 bucks on this game and they never give me anything for free like no discount or nothing.how can I get those?

  38. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    Boom Beach | SCORCHER TIPS & STRATEGY! | Clearing Player Bases!

  39. Who came here just to see what they do?? Lol I'm only a level 36

  40. why you always attack low lvl players ?

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