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Boom Beach | RIFLEMEN & ZOOKA Attacks! Strategy & Fun!

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Boom Beach Tactics talking about using rifles and zookas in Boom
Beach! Attacking player bases and using this high damage, but low health attack strategy!

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  1. nick was like hell no on that 60 wood resource base

  2. he already did un dying scorcher look it u on the u tube bar

  3. How to download Group

  4. try snipers with one scrorcher

  5. it looks so easy when u do it o.O

  6. If you start beating player bases with your level @ 62 then I will respect you as a boom beach player but dude your vp is as high as mine I'm a level 47 and if I see u on my map I will whoop your **##**

  7. What is your task force name? I want to join your task force

  8. Can you show some warrior + smoke + shock attack strategies I just got smoke and having some trouble

  9. hey nick can you do an episode and attacking wuth just using shock bombs ?

  10. 576 medals on lvl 62….not too hard….

  11. Fuerza operativa: ExTREME CANNON. Unanse chicos.

  12. love the vids but would like longer ones

  13. what's better rifleman or warriors

  14. This is pretty useless info you guys are forgetting hes lvl 61 attacking lower lvl bases let alone his troops are probably a pretty high lvl, please dont misguide your viewers

  15. What level do u have to be for hammerman to attack u ?

  16. Join The Duck Heroes! active TF with daily ops

  17. I just made a new task force search original Empire and look for ReZisT to be leader and you found it just need good decent players

  18. Protip, you don't need the medics.

    Just get more Rifles.

  19. more scorcher attacks please

  20. also how do you latterly never fail any attack ever

  21. how about all zookas raid.
    just curious

  22. That banana joke was a REAL KILLER

    drum noise in the background #badpuns

  23. Nick, a way you can tell if a player has ice statues: being that lvl 8 sculptor(max level) holds 10 statues, count to see 10 statues on a base that arent the ice statues, if you dont see all 10 staues, the player probably has ice, another way is when in scout mode, click on a defense to see it it has any added stats beside the normal stats.
    sometimes i fell mad when you have been playing Boom Beach longer than me and dont know if the opponent has ice or not, and dont use one of these ways to check>>>

  24. what 570 medels with 61 level what are you dude….. absolutely i m fan of yours but i m at level 44 still got 380 medels is it that difficult r wht???? and i started 5 months ago…

  25. What about rifle heavy and tank stradagie

  26. what is the point to attack the weak? be upon the strongest and see what happens ….

  27. what level do you have to be for gear hart on your map only dr.teror shows on my map

  28. check out this channel – gaming, skits, challenges, and music

  29. watching this video literally helped me clear my entire map out!!!

  30. Did you know there is rifleman in the sniper towers

  31. How about a Tank, Grenadier, Zooka and Medic set up?

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