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Boom Beach | New Update Ideas & Fixes! + Scorcher, Zooka, Grenadier Gameplay!

Boom Beach New Update ideas, what do you guys want to see?! Boom Beach has had pretty standard stuff for quite a while, about time for some change! Anything special you’d like added?!
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  1. +nickatnyte what's the most efficient way of getting iron before headquarters 10

  2. Hey nick I found ur tf and I'm thinking of joining u but I'm only a lvl 32 and everyone else is like 40-60. So I'm just wondering if u would allow me to join

  3. night zone boom beach plz 🙂 plz

  4. nick will a delayed tank or scorcher strategy eorm

  5. take some resource bases and redesign it to show us how to make it so it can't be taken back. Then in future episodes you can show us defenses of that resource base.

  6. Looking for new members. TF name "YayAreaWarriors" 400 min VP. Currently beating bottleneck regularly, trying to get enough consistency to keep going after tinderbox. Active tf, no bs, looking for lvl 45 or more that can get intel and regularly help on operations

  7. We need to have a base reshuffle timer so we know how long till we can find a new opponent

  8. Always love the commentary Nick!

  9. i've been enjoying your videos for quite a while and i guess i should've given more positive comments to show that.
    however now i feel like you've kinda lost ur edge, you did some good videos back in the days where u educated newcomers in how to use different troops etc. right now however, u have ridiculously low vp and ur atks are completely senseless, noone with ur statues and maxed out troops actually gets to atk bases as easy as the ones ur wrecking. same goes for ur op videos, are you ever gna show some op atks that actually makes sense? If u lost interest in the game, thats ok but if so, i think its time to stop following u for alot of people and in that case, good luck with whatever game u actually spend time on these days

    cheers st.vilde

  10. Quite expensive and unpractical these scorchers…would never attack with that configuration! Only if I had diamonds and time to spend on silly game play…and most players have neither I believe

  11. Nick, you should start the game over on a different tablet, try to max out with out diamonds!

  12. I personally wouldn't mind having special prototype troops in the game. Could do some pretty interesting things I feel, like maybe some kind of unit that could shield nearby troops and reduce damage taken based on proximity, or maybe a unit that could very temporarily take control of enemy buildings at the cost of health.
    I dunno. I'm terrible with ideas when there's little incentive to really make any.

  13. I think Supercell should add a new gunboat ability….a special attack warhead which destroysdamageslowers the effectiveness of defense statues. Just think this would change the thought process when planning an attack. Do i spend GBE on lowering their statues? or not??.., Hmmm

  14. i love watching this

  15. "I know that there are hungry scorchers around the world, and for 18 cents a month you can save a scorcher! -Nick 2015

  16. you got to watch seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. We should even have a shock mine

  18. make a option to attack ur friends or tf members / without losing troops or tools

  19. Poor jefrey how sweet the sound,let us sing and remember his bandages!

  20. so medics are named Jeffrey?? ?

  21. they should add that you can upgrade more than one building at a time

  22. I want a Halloween update like clash.

  23. how do you chag to people's levels

  24. your the best of everything that is a battle

  25. They should raise the health of buildings and damage of buildings a little because it is a little to easy and raise HQ level by 10 levels with holiday defences and 4 more defended and 3 more boats and 3 more troops

  26. I think it would be cool if the forest and trees acted like smoke grenades when troops would go in them the defenses wouldn't shoot them but they couldn't shoot the defenses. You could send them in the trees with a flare so they could heal up.

  27. on boom beach there is a resource base and me and someone else I think his name is Don and you do not wanna to see what kind of war we do I remember when the machine gun was level 1 and now it lvl 9 2 of them one mortar si lvl 5 I think the rocket launcher is lvl 2 or 1 and more…

  28. why does no one want LIFE statues??????????

  29. nickatnyte I love your videos

  30. He said why was there a flamethrower inside of.the woods well because nick only.you can stop forest fires

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