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Boom Beach “NEW RANKS + SUPPLY CHESTS” New Update Gameplay!

Boom Beach New Player Ranks and Reward Supply Chests Revealed!
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  1. Nick you have 700 000 Subs :D

  2. I hope boom beach add costume bandage colour and general animal bandage(so I can make a general shark bandage ?)

  3. new mortar,rls,sls,st,mg coming soon

  4. why is every base level 1?

  5. can you kick sombody from nickatday please

  6. and lower the victory points I really want to join your task force really bad and lower it to 98

  7. Anyone else notice "Ryan" on the map that was level 80?!

  8. Do a challenge with Ben with only epics and the punishment is a $25 iTunes card

  9. 4 boats of grenadier 4 boats of Scorches

  10. When is this update supposed to drop?

  11. I want is global chat

  12. nick I want to join your clan

  13. come to think of it idk why they havent added this sooner i mean leagues have been in clash forever

  14. what is this csgo??

  15. Nice ear ? BTW love your vids bro ??

  16. i only attack resource bases and Dr T base
    i like to keep my vp low so that people don't attack me
    i am lvl 33 and 120 vp
    last time my base was raided is 2 moths ago

  17. why the foook are you in there? Go out in the sun and have fun man! relax and spend your time at the pool ;D

    lucky man!

  18. hey can someone tell me how you get this app that Nick is using… where you can have like infinite resources… like sandbox mode?!?!?

  19. ▶▶▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    Boom Beach "NEW RANKS + SUPPLY CHESTS" New Update Gameplay!

  20. The Supply chest is like the star bonus from Clash of Clans

  21. Finally having lots of vp is gonna help me lol (well I don't have lots but for my level I do 500 at level 47)

  22. Nick (or anyone else out there) The update this morning (3.14) made Boom Beach incompatible with my device… Tried a web search and read about clearing cache… Tried that, didn't help. Have a Droid Turbo, not that old. Is this just a issue with Android & Supercell? Thanks for any hlep.

  23. weak bases are on your map

  24. A atualização chegou na america do norte antes de chegar aqui, a atualização aqui no Brasil chegou agora pouco..

  25. You need to clear your map bud

  26. nickatnyte please have one of your members join awesome 15

  27. level 57 and 9VP??? how is possible? u farming??

  28. they add a monkey is on the trees

  29. What the beard or the view

  30. Was about to level HQ to 20. Now I have to wait to Level 50?! Lame!

  31. Nick u forgot to mention the fact you get daily bonuses for what rank you have

  32. is it just me or is boom beach getting things from clash of clans like ?

  33. can you sell from me this map

  34. I got a bunch of diamonds from this guy on kik, his name is Clash4gems he got me diamond for BB and gems for COC, I ain't joking this is epic! Go check him out on kik: clash4gems

  35. The update includes monkeys in tree as well…SO NO MORE CUTTING DOWN TREES SAVE, THE RAIN FOREST. LOL

  36. is nickatnyte useing a private server

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