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Today in Boom Beach our task force pulls all grenadiers out and takes on a challenging operation using only grenadiers! Mine are max level! Will they hold up?!

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  1. in what clan you are

  2. Looking for a new task force? Join God Flow!

  3. Dude, cool of you to stop by my TF and helping with an op! I hope it was you and not someone who pretends to be you.

  4. Why do you have so many subscribers and so little veiws/comments

  5. I know he has probably explained this before but I wasn't there.How do you get power powder besides upgrading the the sculpter?!?!!

  6. hi would any one like to join my task Force I'm level 35 it's called small my name IS THEBOSS we are kid friendly

  7. know any good base layouts nickatnyte if so let me know

  8. You do know the math.
    70% of Viewers wouldn't understand, thus get bored.
    Numbers don't lie.

    I enjoy your content @TeachBoomBeach if you or @Molt_CoC want to got late game BTDB like a pro I could have some fun with that.

  9. bro I want to be in your task force iam level 43 please make it 300 victory point
    my name is YOUSIF

  10. Destroying all buildings around core/hq, you can dmg the core about 75-80% .. dont know for sure .. you can test it on Dc. Terror.
    So it would be better to spend your gbe on the core if there is like hundreds of buildings especially if the core has like 500K hp .. I dont know. We play low OP, our core has around 350-400Kk hp

  11. Seeing the AD apparently the grenadiers are not that strong

  12. Recruiting levels 40+ and hq 16 and up
    Task force name: operation swarm
    Size: 25/50
    Force points: 6113
    Entry: 400 vp
    Task force tag: #2QC98ULL

    Looking forward to booming with you

  13. nick im sooo sorry you dint destroy that the same thing happend to me lol but ya

  14. What is the name of your task force I might look it up

  15. I wish I was as good as you lol

  16. I wish u could join my task force but u made that one for yourself so I won't ask for u to join mine.

  17. use smokey gernaderies

  18. Boom beach hates new players

  19. ░▄▀▄▀▀▀▀▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░

    Help this dog take over youtube by copying and pasting this dog every where.

  20. Can you do a all heavy op

  21. point less troop they just mist everything

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