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Boom Beach Mega Crab 3.0 Grand finale with a little Hammerman for Spice

Taking on Hammerman and wrapping up the Mega Crab event.

The Mega Crab is a very special event that occurs roughly every 3-4 months that pits your skills up against increasingly difficult maps. The challenge is to get to the highest level you possibly can in the allotted amount of time.

Boom Beach is a beautifully nuanced tower defense/attack strategy game where you can pit your skills against other players and NPCs. Manage your base and use your resources to fuel your army as you try to defend innocent natives against the evil Blackguard.

Troop info:

Riflemen – lvl 12
Heavy – lvl 20
Zooka – lvl 20
Warrior – lvl 18
Tank – lvl 16
Medic – lvl 11
Grens – lvl 1
Scorcher – lvl 8
Cryoneer – lvl 1

Gun Boat Abilities:

Artillery – lvl 21
Barrage – lvl 17
Medkit – lvl 16
Critters – lvl 6
Flare – Max
Shock Bomb – Max
Smoke Bomb – Max


GBE – 37+16+16
TD – 25+12
TH – 34


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