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Boom Beach | Max Boost Beating MAX level RESOURCE Bases! | Chatting About Boom Beach’s Future!

Boom Beach full boost and max statue boost beating max level resource bases with warriors! Can any resource base stand up to max level warrior attacks with smoke, and chatting about boom!
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  1. 1 more things have no idea how to have 2 accounts on an iOS I tried Game Center can't find jack and I even looked it up on YouTube can't find jack

  2. I think supercell should make a statue storage to store away a few statues instead of discarding them for more power stones and the higher the level the storage is the more it can store

  3. warriors my favorite  troops

  4. Keep up the awesome work! 

  5. I think this was in the Kamcord live stream 

  6. Join my task force "Minalosis".we only started today .for active players only.join for fun

  7. How about night time for the next update!? Surely if they could adjust the Dr. Terror time changes, then night time would be fixed accordingly to the same time.

  8. It's very lame to use the same tactic over and over again

  9. Some of RB on my map are realy strong and I realy hate some one taking them cose they are too strong for me and I need to upgrade buy gems then fight back !

  10. Nice vid like always ! How many ressources per hour ?! :D


  12. You are the best of the best and pleaz sow my yous free app and thank you

  13. Hey Nick….u always are keen are little hidden images on boom beach….I found another…on the op reward ship…just below the wheelhouse there is a no smoking sign…kinda funny…anyways…great vids man

  14. You would make a great narrator 

  15. Hey guys i am recruiting my task force is boomers #2ljy2lxv is the code more than 100vp are welcome i am active everyday 

  16. I just saw nicks taskforce and there he was level 34 how can that be if he is 61 now?!

  17. FrenchKillers est un clan Français qui recrute des joueurs assez expérimentés, rejoignez nous. #SonChef

  18. I am recruiting for my task force, the tag is #2PPCJV9V

  19. What's your taskforce name

  20. Hey Nick, resource bases are boring for you because they are irrelevant to your game play, you use diamonds to get what you want. For those of us who don't buy diamonds, resource bases are fundamental to progressing in the game…. Sure it isn't as cool as taking out a player base but they serve a purpose.

  21. Lets see how many hits the smoky worris need to take down terror stage 1? Maybe 2 or 3?

  22. I think they should do another graphics as part of the next update in clash and boom by adding night mode.

  23. +nickatnyte A cool video would be going to like 300 vp points and just trolling alot

  24. Resource bases I feel are indeed only really needed if you actually need more production for a given resource, but often taking out player bases and npc bases give more resources, or are atleast more reliable for resources gained versus effort spent.

    I'd like resource bases to have a second and third resource producer to be added to the table of possible buildings to gain on a victory, or to give more of a resource.

    That, or I'd like resource bases to get a special version of the prodution building which has an added benefit of a statue-like boost to home base production, and maybe even a more highly buffed victory reward.

    Right now they're okay, but they could be ALOT better. as a lower level player, I find sometimes passing on a wood resource base simply because it would take a bit of time to replace my army if I should fail.

  25. i miss a base editer like in coc

  26. Hey guys my name is Brad and I'm part of a clan called KillerHive. We have some really great members and could use the help of more members. Please come and join us for some stress free fun and constant operations :)

  27. you are my favourite player nickatnyte

  28. New task force it call The best Ever needs players and officers no one can kick you out 

  29. You looking for a task force? Well check us out

    Members:40+ always
    Requirement:200+ medals & be active
    When do we do ops? EVERYDAY
    Our symbol is a crown because we are future kings.

    We will be waiting to welcome you ;)

  30. What is your task force called

  31. #‎2QJGCRVP‬ LOOKING for all Saiyans who want to join our Task force

  32. Youre awesome dude i enjoy watching your videos ! ?


  34. How I can record Android screen? Please help me ;(

  35. Great channel, are there any plans be able to hide mines? after all that's the point of them?

  36. Hey Nick love your boom vids in fact when I first saw them I didn't play boom but after a while they made me think to download it and I'm very happy I watched your vids boom is very fun keep it up your doing great I don't know why anyone smacks on your vids but you rock cool vids ?

  37. Nick you are the best player in boom and clash I am always excited to see your new videos keep going

  38. I got a level 3 resourcebase xD

  39. Lower the victory points to 80 plz

  40. I have one of those In level 14


  42. Hey my poor warrior , would you do like this one for me ? 🙁 , soory for my language but my warrior will understand it lol

  43. I think boom beach should have friendly battles were you can attack your clanmates base.

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