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Boom Beach – MACHINA close call + Rogue finish

Quickie today. My hit on Machina plus the remaining hits on Rogue as requested.

Down in 4 isn’t bad but it should have been 2 or 3. Having our big TD guy’s attack go wrong (ideally he would have cleared all the mgs/dc/rls and done a LOT of damage to core).


– He flared to the corner when he should have flared to the back wall.
– He could have simply stopped at his flare by the MG but he rushed a flare/smoke and it cost him.
– Left a gap in his smokes

We probably should have had a lower TD hitter go 2nd but we were trying to take it down in 2 which would have been epic 🙂

Not a huge deal, Rogue in 4 doesn’t hurt.


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