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Boom Beach – level 45 war factory unboosted – Aug 12/2016

Low (medium?) level, unboosted Gearhart takedown. Can be used as a tutorial/plan for taking War Factory down for medium to high level accounts (level 35+).

I used GBE to remove the RLs today. They’re pretty deep in so it seemed safer and I really didn’t want to have to wait another 40 minutes for troops to load.

I have a Landing Craft upgrading so it seemed smarter than trying to do everything with 6 boats.


31% TD
29% TH
102% GBE (97 starting)

Trying annotations for the first time.


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  1. try to upload it early

  2. Thanks a lot for your video helped me a lot, sorry but can you tell us your zooka level?
    And thanks!!!

  3. I appreciate you uploading your lower lvl stuff. I've never beat gear heart till I found your YT channel. It also helps with the annotations for begin more efficient through the event(s).

  4. buen vídeos salidos desde méxico

  5. Great insight. Why don't you use your Zookas earlier rather than retreat?

  6. I must be doing something wrong again… I don't see any annotations in the YouTube app, or in a browser on my phone.

    Great video though!

  7. That's impressive, i gotta learn to use zookas like that!

  8. new subscriber thanks your video are very helpful for low level player

  9. mí fuerza se llama THERMINATOR v

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