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  1. I have bases 12 and 14 levels higher than me and when I do find new opponent I get a higher one every time!

  2. I was a level 40 and took down a level 65 with AZ

  3. im a 38 and i get lvl 50 to 60

  4. Тут блять есть русские?

  5. You should talk a little louder

  6. Lol I was a level 16 and got a level 64 on my map

  7. Bruh, I'm level 30 and I got a level 61 on my map. Lol

  8. Ты знать русский

  9. Give me and tell first and last name

  10. I took out a lvl 50 and I'm lvl 35

  11. I saw you CosmicSR in your Task Force rejects it was closed

  12. Description was lol it failed you know I use only tanks and Dr.Kavan
    have you defeated my base it is Aamir447

  13. I wanted to join your Task Force

  14. think the spelling is correct

  15. want to be in my task force just search for #9RYCOJRU

  16. Im lvl 23 and i Get sometimes lvl 57!!

  17. I'm level 32 I'm getting 40 and above

  18. I’m lev 62 and all of u are on my map

  19. I'm lvl 16 and I get lvl 25-39 on my map

  20. I want an account of boom beach
    Can you help me

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