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BOOM BEACH HQ 22! Crazy Shock Launcher & Rocket!

Boom Beach HQ 22! New Rocket Launcher, Shocker Launcher Wow!
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  1. i like for shock launcher and rocket launcher both


  3. Yikes.. I'm still Lv33 and it is taking FOREVER for me to do anything. Not to mention my map is flooded with 40+ player bases all the time. Gonna take forever to get to 40, let alone 50. I decided to start another game on my tablet and am already up to 17. So far, at least the last week or two, my strategy has been to up my defenses as quickly as possible, and upgrade my troops/heavies/zookas, etc etc as often as I can. Not sure if I'm doing it "right"

  4. All the updates are awesome! Nice to see you don't have to wait until level 59 to ug your HQ to 21. They really need to do something with resource bases though. I have a level 53 stone base on my map and you know what the reward is…….. 162 stone. That's it! What is the point in loosing a single troop over that reward?

  5. Black Guard base "Rear Guard" lvl 60…..but an HQ with only 11,000 health and a single low lvl sniper tower. Anybody else see this?

  6. lol the sniper tower has wifi xD

  7. this update killed boombeach

  8. its the best thing since th 11 but where's the new weapon and troop?

  9. Lol that video was weird. I liked it!

  10. haha sniper tower has gps, satellite and wifi

  11. I didn't know Tonka makes mortars for the military. -_-

  12. The machine gun and the rocket look sick! the rest..meh

  13. THEY BROKE VISUAL OF ROCKET AND SHOCK AGAIN?! Boom Beach what do u do with that game -,-

  14. LvL 22 Machine Gun has two Mini-Guns. If you don't know what it is look it up and look up what a muzzleloader is and you may be surprised. Great video as always

  15. Everytime u hit the trees it shakes

  16. I don't like the knew rocket launcher and mortar. Everything looks OP

  17. Shock launchers look dope

  18. Shock death ray the one i like the most

  19. That weaphons design are soo cool!

  20. shock for the win but letdown: no additional shock time

  21. Lower account video plz because everyone for my vps (216) is 38+ and i am 35.

  22. Need players for task force 1 Royal Irish min 400 medals

  23. Nick love your videos

  24. Come join 1 Royal Irish min 400 medals

  25. Pegboard nerds! I love them

  26. They did a remake of the Mortars, too.

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