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Boom Beach Hooka vs Gearheart! Boom Beach Heavies and Zookas vs Colonel Gearheart’s Base! Boosted strategic attacks get it done!
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My name is Nick. I play games.


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  1. hey nick u look pretty tired man get some sleep dude plz nice vid dude this is why i love ur channel dude u give me alot of helpful tips thnx dude

  2. Most people who read this is not gonna care but 3 to 4 people please subscribe it would mean a lot pleaee? Out of the hundreds of people who will scroll by just wait and read please. No haters

  3. Nick! Love your videos but SERIOUSLY missing the intro!

    A few of my former task force members and I have started a new TF since our old one didn't want to move up into bigger ops!
    Created July 7th!
    Looking for players level 25+ with 200+ vp
    Daily ops!
    TheKings&Queens #2YQLU8CQ

  4. Hey nick tell them to make the game difficult like before.. after last update the game become borring … pleaaaaaase …

  5. Just got Gearheart as a level 41. Let's just say…..I'll stick to barraging the supply crates…

  6. It's so much easier to use a hooka like a warrior rush, shock the mg and flamethrowers, and just overload the medkits

  7. 7:00 right down : it looks like he is feminin 😉 great vid

  8. If anyone is looking for daily Operations I made a squad called "rTs Squad", daily operations, people WILL be promoted if they do well in Operations. 😛 I'm level 31, 208 Victory Points, at level 32 I can upgrade my HQ again.

    But "rTs Squad" is just for anybody who wants to be in an always attacking squad to farm intel and OP Rewards.

  9. Join "Crewstarz" task force ! New task force plz join

  10. Join crewstarz ! We have lotz of fun. Active ppl needed, we start opp everyday 

  11. Hey nick will u accept the full zoomed out challenge? This means that you cant zoom in when u play. U can use any troop and all the normal stuff. But you cant zoom in. You have to stay "full zoomed out"

  12. Nick I just thought of a good idea I dare u to attack someone without looking at the loot just full attack :)

  13. It sickens me that his first attack was like all three of my Hooka attacks lol

  14. Nick, i requested you do this on one of your older Gearheart videos, thanks so much for taking my idea into account, cool to see whether or not you actually can take out Gearheat normally at higher levels…

  15. Join our task force PL Gdańsk, 200+ VP required and lvl above 25. Daily operations, attack in operations is required and collecting some intels. We play for fun! 🙂 #LPUYURL


  17. Hooka? That's a lot of smoke

  18. The position of the face cam made it look like u were gearheart

  19. "Hey guys this is nickatnyte and today…" HE LIED

  20. Join my task force guys every 1 is welcome high lvl or low lvl great team and everyday we do opps #2p8PRO28

  21. Task force WildLife , join us to get vicory of islands! 

  22. Great video. I'm starting to improve on my strategy in boom beach, and I now have some Zookas in my army. 

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