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My name is Nick. I play games.


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  1. Hey nick I just want to know that your my idol you are awesome I watch you all the time sometimes my parents have to take my phone ⭕️⭕️your biggest fan Grace

  2. Do all Zooka raid on hammerman

  3. Your lower account is nickatday, right? Check your log, you attacked HenryR, that's me. I'm honored. Your first attack was a close call :D

  4. join my task force : shukani

  5. Immortals: Top 1000 global task force is recruiting (we are currently ranked 954 in the world). We now have 8 spots open to anyone 600vp or higher!! HOOKA, SMOOKA, ZOOKA, OR WARRIORS ONLY!!!!! Type this tag in TFC to find us: #V0RLJY

  6. Are you part of the Blackguard, because only people that are Blackguard can have double-barreled machine guns.

  7. what his task force?

  8. Do a vid with 4 boats of a random troop and the other 4 with a random troop oh and scorcher warrior

  9. Need A Task Force? join The Duck Heroes! active task force with daily ops

  10. can I join ur task force I am low lvl but I think I can upgrade

  11. i challenge u to use medics as a distraction and any troop of ur choice and attack any one of ur choice

  12. whats your task force ?

  13. hi Nick do you have a second task force group because your best group is to high for me

  14. i need some people in my task force!! name: williams clan

  15. Yusurf did attack Mercury

  16. Nick you just got a new subscriber

  17. how do you not bring your gunboat

  18. What is his task force called?

  19. hey Nick you should come stop by at out TF BRAINS OR BRAWN #U8LPCC8 we'd like you to stop by and show us some tips and stuff on how to attack in some ops we are a strick regular regualting task force. it'd be great for you to stop by, hope you read and reply if not I understand but we have a lot of fans in our task force.

  20. So no Scorchers and Tanks?

  21. medics make the same partical effect as healers for coc

  22. I want to join your TF

  23. do a hammerman style mega crab atack

  24. Snick i ate your momma

  25. Can I join your task force? Need one and I guess u can say I'm a newbie. I'm very active and would like to to play with ya. Thank you.

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