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Boom Beach “HAMMERMAN ★NO ICE★ Base Build TIPS & Strategy” Stages 1-7

Boom Beach building a base that can defeat Hammerman Strikes Back stages! This takes a lot of planning, reviewing, and watching without ICE! Watch and learn some tips and strategy that it takes!
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  1. Why does he have that rock still there on the left side of his base?

  2. 17:22 why did he not stagger the mines? when the attack came 3 riflemen set off all of them and he had no idea lol, mines that are right next to each other can both be set off at the same time thus wasting firepower. Anybody else feel me?

  3. Lol I get to stage 3 if I'm lucky. Still enjoy watching this even tho I dont have any use for it

  4. Hello I also make videos on beach boom and I begin on this game come to see my channel !

  5. Why can't I be I your task force

  6. you can't even like the fideo

  7. nickatnite your the best YouTube person

  8. hey nick I'm only an hq 15 with every item I can have but not fully upgraded and I can't get past hammerman stage 2. here are my deffence levels I have 6 lv.13 sniper towers, 2 lv.7 flamethrower, 1 lv.8 flamethrower, 3 lv.12 mashine guns, 1 lv.11 mashine gun, 2 lv.5 boom cannons, 3 lv.11 mortars and 1 lv.4 rocket launcher. I don't have any prototype weapons but I can make a laser beam, doom cannon, shield generator and nothing else so what should I do. thanks Nick for your videos keep it up

  9. how to change the country in your acc nickatnyte?

  10. On the contrary, I think that disrupting the pattern of barrages is a definite advantage. For example, if your rocket launchers are being taken out and you're being attacked by a bunch of zookas, you can finish the upgrade and it will shift the barrage to something else. (hopefully something you don't really need for that run) You may even be able to run multiple upgrades through the levels to keep the gunboat focused on what you want.

  11. Like and Subbed! Just discovered your channel among the ocean of crappy Boom Beach channels on YouTube. Really like it. I also really like the longer videos, it's like watching a TV show. I play it in the background while playing Boom Beach.

  12. No changing your timezone will not help

  13. tip think of how you would attack your base then put your defenses to work

  14. Has anyone beat stage 7?

  15. You should have brought the flame throwers ahead as distraction for zookas and riflemen

  16. bro your awesome, respect

    love your videos

  17. nick boom beach had a update on that means Hamer tan artillery random things and brooches

  18. thats right New Zealand is the BEST!

  19. Them brain usage tho

  20. it will be better when you place one random building on the beach and place the mines behind it, that way the rifleman and zooka will gather a bit and die in a larger numbers instead of one rifleman for one mine

  21. How did you get the criter.

  22. looking for two more people to join the task force. need some high level guys to help out. only have 8 of 10 right now and could use more help. come join  #2LRQCJ99.

  23. en que fuerza operativa esstas

  24. This is why you need ice statues

  25. I didn't click play I exited the video

  26. Who paused the videoXD

  27. I enjoy ur videos and time is not an issue

  28. hi nick, I use my free apps, but how much I appreciate the kind of bi yolas make video kulandı not pay

  29. Yes it would help and do more hammer man defending

  30. Join Seasiders #L2R2PYJ. It's a 50 man English speaking task force looking for active recruits of any level.

  31. Hammerman attacks the defenses that has the most health and damage per second.

  32. the medics were healing each other lmao. illuminati confirmed

  33. Thanks for those awesome tips and the commenting! Best but challenging hammerman defends! :)

  34. you call them a nerd ?

  35. I'm sorry but don't you realize that hammerman troops will die but throw some critters where your headquarters are and you rather have two sniper tower at level 1 next to it!

  36. i didnt pause the vid. i read lkke sanic on steroids

  37. Dude, you're bad. I am really disappointed. Your flamethrowers melt marines. and were not utilized. Second, Your sniper towers were undefended. Should have placed some houses in front. And your other buildings can tank dmd while you do more damage.

  38. i just recently discovered you nick and i love your videos!!!

  39. ven kan you atake hammer man

  40. would this be a good daily base or no?

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