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Boom Beach Gearheart War Factory Gameplay Smooka Walkthrough for Aug. 12, 2016

A guide on how to take down the War Factory.

Boom Beach is a beautifully nuanced tower defense/attack strategy game where you can pit your skills against other players and NPCs. Manage your base and use your resources to fuel your army as you try to defend innocent natives against the evil Blackguard.

Troop info:

Riflemen – lvl 13
Heavy – Max
Zooka – Max
Warrior – lvl 19
Tank – lvl 16
Medic – lvl 12
Grens – lvl 2
Scorcher – Max
Cryoneer – lvl 1

Gun Boat Abilities:

Artillery – Max
Barrage – lvl 17
Medkit – lvl 20
Critters – Max
Flare – Max
Shock Bomb – Max
Smoke Screen – Max


GBE – 37+16+16
TD – 25+12
TH – 34


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  1. This was a really nice Gearheart for beginners. If you normally go for
    low hanging fruit instead of going for the kill this might be the
    Gearheart for you.

    To make it more lowbie friendly clear out the back with AZ and either drop Grens
    for the last attack so they can work the HQ along and stuff behind it
    while staying out of range of everything (be very careful about your
    time though) OR drop hooka/rooka and clear out the towers up to the BC then
    drop AZ on the next attack to take the full 4 min to burn down that
    shield and HQ is left OR you could just use GBE to burn down that BC. Whatever
    fits you best.

  2. great vid as always ..
    I took it down in 4 attacks it was very easy

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