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Boom Beach Episode 46: Took down Global #12

As the title suggest, i was finally able to take down global #12 after i had failed against him so many times in the past with other troops. this time rczm 3/1/3/1 got the job done!

Boom Beach by Supercell games

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For VP pushing: Come Wiv a Plan #82JPQL9L
For push prep: The Pretenders # 8JPUJYY8
For fun! : Rawdikinem #QCUGYL9


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  1. he is the France #1 on the french leaderboard bro

  2. I met the Leo guy once and I successfully destroyed his base at the 1st try with 4 offensive statues using rzcm. But I have 2 gunboat statues, so I did have a little more energy to throw my critters to triggers those mines on the right side.

  3. gg macs well play :D

  4. you suggest never really re flaring with a rzm combo?

  5. que grande eres macs!! tienes twitter??

  6. i have less diamonds, so i decide to find super market to sell my boom beach. (MY VP 1400, and my Power powders is more than 1000. who want ? smile

  7. Hey man I'm a big fan and I really enjoy watching ur vids and I will always support u, I'm not just saying that because I want u to do me a favor but I always wanted a high level boom beach account like yours, so plz if u got an extra one let me know I just wanna play with it and have a little fun because boom beach is my favor game rn

  8. Global number one has their base up front?!

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