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BOOM BEACH || DR T Volcano || Warriors vs Player Bases!

Boom Beach facing Dr T and Player bases with Warriors!
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Boom Beach Description
Welcome to Boom Beach: come with a plan or leave in defeat!

Fight the evil Blackguard with brains and brawn in this epic combat strategy game. Attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders and unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise. Create a Task Force with players around the world to take on the enemy together. Scout, plan, then BOOM THE BEACH!

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  1. dude I love you videos please please make more BOOM BEACH

  2. You know what a great new troop supercell should add to Boom Beach? The Paratrooper! The Paratrooper would sort of be a gunboat ability, or a troop that could glide down from the sky onto the base, instead of the normal troops pulling up on to the beaches. Just a thought. XD!!!

  3. Someone help, i wad upgrading a machine gun and i got raided. Now my machine gun is permanently broken

  4. So sad to watch… Where is the good old Nick? Why every youtuber changes so much from the start of the channel? Im here from 200'000 subs and this was the first channel i subscribed to. Go and watch his old videos before bloody Clash Royale and Pokémon Go nad been launched… They re all about Boom and Clash, yet so entertaining and fun to watch.
    I understand that he has the right to do whatever to do with his channel, but Boom and Clash arent boring. You have a unique style of playing games and you dont need to change it because of a new trending game…
    I miss the smoke screens at the HQ, the hyper barrage, the random troop combo attacks in operarions, the colaboration challenge videos with MasterOv (yes, even he was once playing Boom), and many more. Im saying all these because when I was playing Boom he had the best vids in Youtube and i was watching him when i was bored etc. And when he stopped playing i stopped too! imagine how much i liked his vids. i even stopped playing Clash.
    Anyway, i think that many people feel that way, as i see in the comments.

  5. join my task force at- Riflemen Mafia

  6. Can you do a player base strike? Like

  7. Hey nick I think something is up cause I got three starfish at the same time two of which were inside of each other

  8. Come back to your tf bro! We're killin it. New players here too

  9. What is your task force name

  10. AHAHAH don't waste your time on making BB video :V

  11. New events for the Cycle of Evil

  12. plz join the pokes on boom beach

  13. how did you get all those diamonds?

  14. how do you beat hammerman lvl 10 with a level 5 hq. level 4 gunboat and 3 level 3 landing' craft's????

  15. Please play more Boom Beach Nick!

  16. warriors scorcher vs doctor t

  17. I want sniper and helicopter troops

  18. More Boom Beach Vids!! :)

  19. I'm in lvl 60 I'm gonna whoop your base ass .

  20. Who remembers teach boom beach ?

  21. suggestion for team operations- there could be an option like the mega crab but on a team level and it takes a week. the team can attack, just like on the mega crab, and have a certain amount of attempt's per day and those attempts can refresh per hour. so all in all, this would work as a progressive level base making it harder every time and the team gets rewards for every level it beats.

  22. more boom beach… more often and less clash royale pleeeaaaasssse

  23. any task force i could join? I'm a hq 14 maxed 300 vp

  24. Hey nick on the operation level arsenal, you can find a post that says tune in at nick at byte radio!

  25. im just going to usub nick if he does not do enough boom beach content

  26. I have level 38, almost max HQ 13

  27. Lvl 11 nick and trying to get to 14 for smoke you are my favorite youtuber for boom beach ;)

  28. 11 on the HQ but I'm lvl 27

  29. Please do more Boom Beach videos! I first got interested in your channel by watching your Boom Beach videos, so please make more Boom Beach videos!!! :)

  30. for the next update they should involved an abandoned airfield that you unlock at a certain level you would have. fighter planes ,bombers air strikes and paratroopers who agrees?

  31. try to attack a base without any offense statues

  32. Please join my task force it's called Alexstraza we are a 24/7 op task force and we are loyal/ trustworthy…. So join us!..

  33. 50 level and 50 intel please 🙂
    my team ->#2C8YJULL

  34. The next update should have directional flares

  35. Please keep the occasional boom beach vid coming

  36. nickatnyte tell boom beach we need a retaliation button for player bases, we need to be able to swap stored statues with active statues without having to salvage them…….

  37. Hey I'm a HQ8 with level 8 landing crafts and a level 9 gunboat should I use warriors or heavy zooka cause' i was using hz (heavy zooka) and it was working but i switched to all warriors and it has been working too do you have any advice or which is better? (I'm sergeant 3)

  38. i want to meat yon love the vids koin our clash royale clan its name is for christans. have molt join

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