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Boom Beach Damage Amplifier on Shock Launchers and Rocket Launchers vs Hammerman! Boom Beach Crazy defense that DESTROYS Hammerman Strikes back! Boom Beach Tips & Tricks!
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My name is Nick. I play games.


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  1. Hey nick I scouted you're base on the clan it's more different than you're base on the video

  2. hey! can you please low down your entry requirement vp from 600 to 200???

  3. why did you make this in the car instead of the house?

  4. I'm a Lv 48 (460 VPs)….how can I get in on your Task Force?

  5. At the start of the assault the grens were nuking the Warriors lol

  6. Nick please low the point to join your task force

  7. Nickatnyte what is your task force now I want to join pls

  8. Is he really in a fucking car

  9. you should have a damage amp and a laser beam if hamerman brings a hooka army

  10. why? ar you in the car

  11. me to I Live in Michigan

  12. Can I join your task force 94 vp's my name in boom beach is bestchanse and I love your vids can't live without them:)

  13. Nice. You are really good at this game

  14. Can u teach me some stuff

  15. do one like this but long hammerman

  16. Hey it's Michigan, come say hi to me :)

  17. plz drop the victory points to join you tf

  18. In the car? What did you do wrong?

  19. I guess you can sat it's SHOCKINGly strong

  20. Where do u actually live?

  21. How do you save a base

  22. I realy want to joint your task force but I am just lv 16 and only have 100 Vp :((
    Can I join you plz

  23. are you in your car

  24. Why are you in the car

  25. Why are u in ur carp

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