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Boom Beach – Centaur + Javanaise BEATDOWNS!

Triangle Nine has been taking it easy lately by stepping down to Dead End. The lower intel requirements and ‘ease’ of attacks has allowed us to hit unboosted, use silly combos and even gbe defenses and then retreat. It’s also allowed us to bring along a few new players which has turned out to be fantastic. We’ve been off and on the leaderboards lately but the game is back to being fun again which is way more important.

Noteworthy parts of this video:

– Gapped smokes are of great use on Centaur
– Always look for free gbe to take advantage of
– The ‘new to me’ shock on the right side of Javanaise is amazingly useful.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Wow that hit on Java zmot. Shock placement was beautiful. Glad you're enjoying the game!

  2. 3:19 that shock in the kgs and sls was amazing!! Great attacks, Zmot!

  3. that shock on mg and sl … no words

  4. this shock at the mgs and sl was so skilled!

  5. That Javanaise attack is impossible, you're a machine, you are human, lol

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