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“Boom Beach Broken?” Daily Cycle of Evil is Boring!

Is Boom Beach becoming too repetitive for you? In today’s episode I discuss how all top players seem to be doing the same things, and the cycle of evil seems to have lost it’s appeal to login daily!
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  1. Don't click read more
    Go get a life

  2. nick i saw your task force

  3. im maxed out and i quit a week ago because theres just nothing to do, soooo repetitive and too much of a grind just to maintain high VP and decent amount of intel so your not kicked. i quit with 362 power powder and 100 of each weapon parts because i thaught one day i would have time to use it all 🙁 oh well

  4. After Hammerman 60,AlphaPichu Comes In As Bases Of 65,70,75,90,And 150, Betas War Industry Replacing The WF Of Lv270 And Alpha Strikes Back Replacing Hammerman Strikes Back

  5. When you have sculptor level 8 how many statues can you have down?

  6. It's not just high level players, I got bored and stopped playing soon after the crab ended ?

  7. Are they gonna bring it back or what?? Everything else is boring compared to the mega crab

  8. What's the name of the song?
    Starts 0:10.

  9. Hey nick I'm your biggest fan plz shout me out in a vid


  11. At 4:20 i was like, "the aliens are sending a message in 3,2…"

  12. what software do you use to record these videos? do you have any "behind the scenes" video? showing this?

  13. They should do a major event similar to the Mega Crab. However, gearheart comes in with a massive base with two new prototype weapons and new prototype parts.

  14. Me any my two brother quit boom beach like 2 year ago

  15. that crab needs to return

  16. this game isn't fun. every time I capture my maps resource bases. people just reroll the base and I lose the base to a higher level player. Iam so sick of wasting all the time and resources to capture a base that iam just going to lose 12 hrs later to a higher lvl player with better tech and troops.

  17. iam not even going to bring up the bullshit matchmaking the impossibly hard operations. the difficulty lvl of terror events for low lvl people. gearheart is impossible. the troops are suicidal. iam lvl 47 and due to my VP Iam matched with lvl 53s. I don't care if you can reroll. I shouldn't be matched against people several levels higher than me

  18. no amount of crab events is gonna fix looting in this game

  19. iam saying all of this because my base gets attacked back to back by people higher lvl than me. and I they aren't even getting much loot off my base. that dosnt make any sense. there is no farming in this game so losing any amount of resources is extremely frustrating. the prototype defenses are basically worthless if they have enough advantages they can just missile all your defenses and lvl14 tanks to boot

  20. I think a smaller effective radius on smoke and shock would make things a little harder. Several new troop options would a nice refresher, cause Boom is quickly going the uninstall and forgotten Clash route, at least for me.

  21. I have an idea for making the current daily events more interesting. I’m a L63 player (not quite max), and (like a lot of people) am also finding the game a little repetitive of late.

    My idea is to have a “daily top 50 table” which ranks players who complete the daily challenges. The performance would be ranked by statue bonus, with the player whom completes the daily challenge with the lowest bonus finishing on top of the table.

    For Dr. T and Gearheart, the “performance indicator” could simply be the sum of red and GBP statues. Likewise, Hammerman attacks could be ranked by the sum of ice statues.

    For this idea to truly work, the ability to disable (fully and/or partially) a statue bonus (for the next attack) would need to be introduced.

    If multiple people finish the event with a 0% bonus, then a further ranking could be done on “boats launched” (including previous defeats).

    I believe by introducing this variation, it will force people to think about attacking smarter. Anyone can beat Dr T with a 200% offensive boost, but to defeat him with no boost would take a lot of skill.

    Also, it would be nice to offer a prize for the top finishes. Diamonds are nice, but what I would rather see is an exclusive decoration (to the HQ or beach). Most players would complete hard for this kind of prize!!

    The ladder doesn’t need to be live (this would be tricky due to the multiple time zones), it could be simply published on the BB web site at the end of each daily event. Your performance could also be sent to you via mail.

    Anyway, just a thought, cheers.

  22. Just got hq 19!! Your videos are amazing nick

  23. i alwo start playing boom beach seeing nick

  24. i also start playing boom beach by seeing nick i was just playing and watching videos of coc 1 day when i click on utube in my front page i see boom beach video when i saw the video i like it and i start playing the game

  25. I think increasing the level of 7 Dr.T, and having temporary "bonus hammerman HQs" would help more. The temporary bonus levels would be infinite attack, gold costing, progressive level bases that are similar to the crab but only 24 hours and limited levels.
    The laser needs much faster fire rate, the shield needs its own health to be shielded as well, the doom cannon should have an even higher damage per shot to one-shot scortchers (its graphics look ridiculous when it doesn't actually defeat something, my tanks are not even one shot-ed by them.)
    Other than that clear balance issues are inevitable with strategy games, only so much can be learned, nickatnyte, your level of skill is similar to mine when I play galaga, I have beaten Galaga, in other words, I've obtained maximum points. Once you have that mastery it doesn't matter to you as much. You are too good at the game, problem solving etc. is too easy and you don't need to try to win anymore. Forcing things to be more interesting by using new troop loadouts is my suggestion.
    Try making a video where you win with extremely different troop combinations, like grenadier-scortcher, or tanks and zookas, or other difficult but possible loadouts. It will inspire more fun and add challenge.

  26. what is the point of resources if you are maxed out on upgrades.

  27. what is the point of resources if you are maxed out on upgrades.

  28. Whats boring is smokey warriors. Spending almost years on upgrading defenses only to have them all completely avoided not breaking a nail. Smoke should be removed. Im battling resource bases and the smokey warriors keep beating it in 6 seconds. Even the hardest most advance number 1 base in the world can just be bypassed and smoked through?

  29. Join my boom beach clan "Ontario" 500 vp entry never defend is leader- 10k force points

  30. hey nick,what is better ? coc or boom beach

  31. I thought my phone broke

  32. it needs war between task forces

  33. 5:00 Even dropped a Shyea. like a boss

  34. Hry nick do an operation using all heavies and critters with your tf

  35. Are you on a computer?$$$$$$

  36. I played this game for 7 days last year. 7 days. It got boring to me so fast, the attacking was just meh, and everything is just so… repetitive? This was from last year already. I don't see how people still play this game.

  37. surprised they haven't made a live Actions movie. even a fan made one.

    you know peeps would watch it, at least they would give it a chance.
    or an actual digital movie and not the one they did with the comercials… a "movie"

  38. How you get that much of gems tell us Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. they shoukd make an update so you can try to attack your own base to test your defenses

  40. i found a glitch when Nick took down stage 7 pause at 7:12 you see hammermans HQ instaed of Dr terrots :-D

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