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Boom Beach “BIG BOYS” Attack Strategy! Heavies & Grenadiers

Boom Beach Heavies and Grenadiers attack strategy! The BIG Boys!
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  1. How about Rifle+ Tanks?

  2. operation BigBoi ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)

  3. How do you land all boats at once???

  4. you should do half riflemen and half schorchers

  5. I'm the leader of the scourchers

  6. Do you think they should add rage to BOOM BEACH?

  7. Hi nick may be you could do little boys with riflemen and heavys or mega boys with grens and scorchers

  8. nick do scorchers and zooks pls

  9. why is your channel name NickAtNyte?

  10. Nick you missed the star fish… at the end of your video

  11. Use 2 boats of troops the rest medics

  12. Tanks Tanks Tanks:
    2 boats of Medics
    3 boats of Tanks
    3 boats of Scorchers

  13. Do girl attack tank+zookas

  14. ناقصه دبابات هذي الاستراتيجيه

  15. new challenge: No boost

  16. Why not do a one boat of riflemen and the rest zookas?

  17. I have a question for you nick.what are you going to do for gameplay when you max out everything???? Will boom become stale or what?? Lots of high level guys seem to quit over this

  18. Little boy attack?

  19. Riflemen medics and critters

  20. My dark masterpiece is 41 at gun boat energy

  21. the girls (zooks and tank)

  22. Nickatnyte I have gunboat energy 42 masterpiece

  23. I got a 62 percent power stone chance

  24. Do a Tank Rifle attack, half and half

  25. I think you should do a video where you only use med kits and warriors

  26. nick use warriors and rifle men the warriors are sheilds.

  27. Nickatnyte!!! I have had 42% Gun boat energy at like lvl 30!! & I'm lvl 48 now, got 42% Resources gain from attacks. I'm sure you will get your 42% Gun Boat. ???

  28. If anyone is looking for an Active Task Force, then you got to come join mine. CANADIAN BOOM is the name and MIZZ_Keli is the leader of it. MUST BE ACTIVE & Be ONLINE once in 24hrs….

  29. bang bang chicken Wang you face look like booty yeah

  30. do a tank and zookas attack called the big girls attack

  31. or do it with grenadiers and critters called the blind guys because they cannot hit correctly well actually critters can but this one also

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