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Boom Beach “BEAUTIFUL POWER BASE!” Intense Operation Grenadier Attack!

Some Boom Beach operation power bases are just AWESOME to look at aren’t they! Watch me attack with all max boosted grenadiers against this operation base on curtain call in boom beach today!
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  1. Join our task force called Commanders only we need all the support as we can

  2. Just speak some slowly 

  3. Precise Aim
    TF Name: Precise Aim
    Tag: #82Q8RYP9
    Requirements: Anyone is welcome, preferably with experience.
    Must attack every op!
    New and growing Task Force need a few more members!
    We have high level people in charge and are looking to expand, anyone is welcome!

  4. did you see the intel when he first went onto it

  5. Lol nickatnyte i wnat to join

  6. dude you talk too much

  7. i wanna enter your task

  8. so games changed ur life nick pls reply

  9. You should do a boom beach series where your task force goes from Milk Run to Massive attack in the operation attacks.

  10. Nickatnyte plz send some more videos

  11. Please I've asked in so 3 comments I would love to join your clan in clash of clans please I don't have enough trophies but I'm gold league and pretty powerful please can you invite me please I bookmarked you

  12. Never say 21 I f word hate that word

  13. Syrup should do milk run with only critters and have to take out everything

  14. finally upgrading hq to level 10

  15. mit welchem gerät spielst du

  16. they look so hard but awesome:)

  17. if you go to milky way it is gearheart 's base.

  18. someone wanna join my task force the name is DeatOrGlory im lvl40

  19. can you show the video of ticker tape op

  20. hi man can you make a tutorial a bout the task force and all that calns thing
    tnx anyway

  21. how the hell do you have so much energy??!?!?!? 144…

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