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Boom Beach – Beat The Grappler and Hot Pot Easily

How to beat the Hot Pot III and Grappler without deploying any troops. Easy way to victory against heavy machinery! Haha

Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release] NCS: https://www.youtube.com/c/nocopyright…


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  1. Just keep them shocked. I've been beating bases with them all day. It's not hard at all

  2. u lost alot of troops that way not the easiest method.

    the grappler is like a free critterbox. if u have decent numbers of troops like warriors or rooka or rzm. means u dont even have to distract or blow up rockets while its grabbing stuff really.

    hotpots another story however. with that your best put picking a path that avoids it. if its a corner base and u cant then your gonna have to critter it before your troops are in range then shock while its up. assuming they are smart enough not to have a grappler next to it lol.

    this method works on bases with any amount of ice. assuming u have the skills to deal with that amount in the first place

  3. Jammerman strikes back

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