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Boom Beach Beachfront destruction base Boom Beach Funny fail hammerman attacks me and gets REKT Boom Beach Base troll design all defenses on the beach! Hammerman Strikes Back!

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  1. 579 points? ow? it so a little for your level!

  2. Defo do a BOOM push! Race with BenTimm1!!!!!

  3. hi guys , i am looking for a new task force . i am level 50 with a strong tank attack . i am active and average 50 + intel a week

  4. Everyone join my task force it is called Murica. Need more people for an operation. Fight for America and have fun.

  5. boom beach on my site!

  6. If anyone is looking for a task force to start up in feel free to join Cereal-Killerz were always needing extra people.

  7. tüm türk boom beach oyuncularını beklıyoruz 500 madalya üstü tim= skorsky tim etiketi= #UU82J

  8. I got a insane challenge for ya Smokey grenadiers rush

  9. I got a insane challenge for ya Smokey grenadiers rush

  10. im confused… how do you get gearhart on your map?

  11. I'm a lvl 38 and I have 400 vp

  12. join my task force Major Players Were doing Ticker Tape with 39 members and were ranging from levels 23-43 most in 30's range, so join US

  13. woh this 1080p 60fbs is tripping me out!

  14. Low vp makes hammerman so simple even without ice :D.

  15. How do resource bases work, why do I beat one and don't go up by one for the war production achievement. I'm stuck on 20/35. Can anyone explain?

  16. Anyone think he should play Modern Combat 5?

  17. i am level 32 hq 13 with 225 vps and everyone on my map is level 38 or above and i cant destory them

  18. does anyone have a suggestion for a screen recorder?

  19. we are looking for task force members that will attack in ops join, K hoods

  20. If u need a task force, join mine, charlie 6-1

  21. Join The Duck Heroes! active Task Force with daily ops

  22. ur base could easly get rekt by smoke

  23. I see you've figured it out LOL well done Bro !

  24. this base doesnt work at all

  25. #noobs lol nooooooooooooobbbbb

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