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BOOM BEACH | BATTLESHIP CHALLENGE + ICE BATH | Hammerman Stupid Defenses! Nick vs Ben

Boom Beach Hammerman Strikes back challenge series nickatnyte and bentimm1 face off! Boom Beach Epic challenge in which the loser takes a bath! Can we defend against Hammerman?
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My name is Nick. I play games.


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  1. His dog is a shelty

  2. Hey nick. Im lvl 35
    Luv ur videos and Ben u too man

  3. LOL Nick cheated… 2nd round… Took out only 2 rockets but he had 3… Or i missed a rule and im dumb

  4. Nick will talk to the boom beach people ask for something in boom beach like CLAN CASTLE SO YOU CAN DONATE TROOPS



  6. Did you not just make a video calling out other "famous" you tubers for doing all CAPITAL LETTERS for there title? because thats all i saw when i click on this video. Nice one

  7. Nick I love your work I always watch you all the time my parents have to take my phone away and I wanted you to know that you are my boom beach idol

  8. amigos agan ataques a jugadores con antorcheros y tucas haber que tal les va …¡¡

  9. Y'all need to make another battleship video

  10. how can nick and Ben meet are they brothers?

  11. Fun one, get more of these. And also, you're doing a great job!

  12. nick cheated on round 2

  13. Do another challenge with him next week when clash of clans updates done please

  14. its really a stupid video and challenge

  15. nick you forgot to take away one of your rocket launchers

  16. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    BOOM BEACH | BATTLESHIP CHALLENGE + ICE BATH | Hammerman Stupid Defenses! Nick vs Ben

  17. nice pop up images of nick

  18. hilarious babyrunning

  19. and hey nick this is hilarious

  20. and hey nick this is hilarious

  21. nice videos try to think of new things and ask what to do for a challenge on Twitter & facebook

  22. Ben had his mom video tape it ?

  23. why dont you collect you op rewards?

  24. Ha ha ha ha ha????????

  25. Wow, Ben is a lower level than you, and he has more f*cking VICTORIES PIONTS

  26. that 2 minute ice bath seems seriously dangerous.

  27. Far out haha feel for the guy lmfao this was awsome though :D

  28. join my task force name dark force or #8ryprj0j

  29. you should make a challenge video where you defend against hammer man with just prototype defenses

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