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Boom Beach Attacking Tips

  • Remember, you can blow up Mines and Boom Mines with Artillery or Barrages.
  • If you assume you’ll take losses on an attack, calculate the cost of those losses. If that value is more than the loot available, wait for the next opponent.
  • Putting defenseless buildings (i.e. Residence, storages, etc) in front of your defensive buildings just gives the opponents free ability points to safely destroy your defensive structures.
  • While Tanks are very powerful, they take double damage from Boom Mines, Cannons and BoomCannons. This is the main reason why people use Heavies as meat shields for Tanks.
  • If the defenses aren’t protecting the defenseless structures (i.e. Residence, Vault), perhaps you could Flare past the defenses and destroy their base using ability points rather then direct force.
  • If you are looking to attack a structure with Barrage, see if that structure is next to anotherstructure. Barrage does the same damage to each structure as long as it makes contact.
  • For faster troop deployment never deploy all of your troops in a single spot. The boats never land in the same place and some troops will start further away than others. Long walk = slowdeployment.
  • You can generally defeat Dr. Terror at higher levels if you pick your path carefully. The level indicator for each terror stage is rarely accurate.

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