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Boom Beach | ALL SCORCHERS Operation! | Scorchers Only Task Force Challenge!

Boom Beach all scorchers vs operation bases with my task force as a boom beach challenge operation! Can we take down an entire boom beach challenging operation base with only scorcher?!
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  1. Yeah OK dude . your task force requirement is 500 victory points but wait you only have 587. I know lvl 47s with more victory points then you. You are an inberesment to boom beach. People at your lvl should have 1,000 victory points. Wait a minute another boom beach youtuber (bentimm1) has more than you, what lvl is he again . OH THATS RIGHT LVL 54 he should be the one to brag about beating people not you. You show videos of beating lvl 48s and 50s. Your lvl 61 dude. Go ahead and by more diamonds because anyone that has 587 victory points at lvl 61 is a DIAMOND BUYER.

  2. What headquarters does hammerman attack you and when can I face gearheart, I love your videos also Nick, boom beach is amazing and I would be very far in the game also if I could buy a lot of gems haha

  3. Just critters mabye 

  4. "Yeah I can put it on airplane mode" how will you get into boom or clash then? :p

  5. Please guys join the task force named Bombers
    The logo is a golden bomb gold surrounding and black background
    Tag #YL8LJG9

  6. Hey nick if you can I think u should use your face cam please

  7. Welcome to the under 301 club here is our menu

  8. Join my task force "DSP" if you need a good task force to join

  9. Hey nick any chance on another deffence video?

  10. solid players wanted in BoozeCruze new TF

  11. Awesome operation attacks!

  12. You left your task force!?

  13. please do a 'no flare' op

  14. They need to learn to flare onto the core ?

  15. Please join task force: Howland Crew

  16. romania task force everyday op, 100% rate- #8g8v9vv JOIN US

  17. You should do an operation with a landing craft of each troop

  18. Nick can you put down the victory points to 100 plzz I started the game a level 14 I know how to attack plz aceped this message am a big fan so plz 100 victory point s I know you seem am week but I'll get getter so plz aceped it my name tag is 180noscope that's me level 14 my loot is in the back my defence is protecting the HQ so plz send the victory points down and say yes your gona put victory points down or no say it in the video plz and am a boy so don't say patty in it beacaus its my mom phone so yes or no victory points down to 100

  19. Hi Nick! I challenge u to clear your map! ;)

  20. If your looking for a friendly task for to be part of join: K hoods

    Im chief the leader and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the clan. 

  21. Nickatnyte plz do more boom beach videos 

  22. So attacking with scorchers make operations easy?

  23. Y no more intro and outro?

  24. nick klk pasa con los videos de boom beach…..

  25. Do all zooka attack against Dr terror

  26. Join marylandnatives task force!

  27. nick, if u answer me i want to talk to you! please answer

  28. Hi Nick I'm a big fan but I would just like to correct the way you say Tarsier. You say it as tar-sheer, not tar-sia. Nonetheless, I still love your awesome videos. Keep it up!

  29. plz join my task force
    30 members
    1500 force points
    evryone is welcomed

  30. lol why are scorchers so powerfull

  31. and whats the weakness of scorchers?

  32. what if you dont have scorchers

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    Boom Beach | ALL SCORCHERS Operation! | Scorchers Only Task Force Challenge!

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