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BOOM BEACH | All RIFLEMEN vs OPERATION SOUR GRAPES! | One Unit Operation Challenge!

Boom Beach All Riflemen Boom Beach All Riflemen Operation Boom Beach operation sour grapes with all riflemen! Epic victory!
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My name is Nick. I play games.


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  1. Nick can I join you clash of clans clan

  2. Join "Crewstarz" task force ! New task force plz join

  3. we need people at ELITE CROWS send a request if you want to join.

  4. Please let dunit542 join clan

  5. Join our task force PL Gdańsk, 200+ VP required and lvl above 25. Daily operations, attack in operations is required and collecting some intels. We play for fun! 🙂 #LPUYURL

  6. Sour grapes was the first option that u did with ur old taskforce

  7. Did anyone notice the riflemen in the shape of a S on the first attack! Maybe it stands for supercell? New update? Haha!

  8. Tank- medic or scorchers

  9. Nick I was trying to get in your task force when it took some of my medallions away so now I'm at 187 . My name is kdog on boombeach. By the way love your videos been with you since the begging so I was wondering if you could get me in to your clan thx bye.

  10. If you have app nana put in this code d10980988

  11. I want to join ypur task force but i am hq 12 but i can call out patterns against ops even high ops

  12. use all medics on an operation lol

  13. mate try undying scorcher for operations

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