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  1. Hi. Accidentally uninstalled Boom.
    Screen name: Captain Rimsey (tag 2jccgygqq)
    Task force: High Roller$
    Level: 50
    HQ : 19

  2. My iPhone decided to deactive itself and I lost my base. Please help me get it back!

    User name: nwech87
    Level: 46
    HQ: level 18

    Thank you!!

  3. I switched to a new IPhone and lost all my settings. I think my name was Superman59, Level 53, Headquarters 21. Hope you can help me get it back…

  4. Hello,l lost the account wehen moving the game on another phone gives me the zero level.My name is:Gen padre,Task force: tag:#8YY8C922,level 52,headquarters level 20.

  5. Most my base. I’m game name was Toughknt. Level was 44 I think. Headquarters 17 or 18.

  6. I can not get my base back my task force name was boom beachers (probably been booted). My name was G. $. $ I was a level 57 almost 58 and my headquarters was maxed lvl 22 I believe my iPhone 6 broke and I now have a Samsung s7 edge and I can not figure out how to get my base back I can’t download the game centre on this phone

  7. Hi good morning my phone got corrupted and need to install software from new and now cannot access my boom beach , only gives me a brand new one even though I logged in using my google account.
    My boom beach info is as follow :
    Player base name Ripper, player tag : #89qlv9q9q
    Base level 44
    Hd level 17

  8. michael david miller

    broke phone been playing four years now and didn’t like my name and didn’t join task force so I never saw it. and thought it would load automatic but I used the wrong gmail account. do I have reset phone and try again? please help!! I was a level strong 49 have started new account and am already 34 but get hit by 45 cause I have 320 v points and just would really love to have my big boy back I miss my grenaders so much!

  9. I got a new phone and wasn’t linked to Game Center my name was 1armedbandit my level was 48 and I had a level 19 HQ can u help me

  10. Hi, just upgraded my phone and lost my base. Here are my credentials:

    Player name: Maximus
    Level: 46
    HQ: 18
    Task force: Baked Bombers

  11. Upgraded Iphone..
    Screen name: seamus
    Level 46
    headquarters level: 17 I think

  12. Lost my base after upgrading iPhone

  13. Hi I’ve lost my base and I didn’t log in with the games centre. Please get back to me

    Task Force: Ryan
    Level: 27
    Head quarters: 12

  14. Hi I’ve lost my base and I didn’t log in with the games centre

    Task Force: Ryan
    Level: 27
    Head quarters: 12

  15. Christopher Reeves

    My old phone has broken
    User Name: Darth Omigus
    Level: 53
    HQ: 21

  16. Lost my old device. Cannot retrieve my base.
    Salty pin up was at around level 25 and headquarters was at around 12 or 13. And was apart of captain clutches clans

  17. Hi my name is jake and my boom beach base got restarted after I pressed load in order to “save” the game
    My in game name: Rainbowcat80
    My task force: DAB SQUAD
    Level: 23
    Hq level: 9

  18. Hi my name is jake my Game Center app said on boom beach if I wanted to keep my current base than I had to load it onto a different account and then I pressed load and it restarted again

  19. Hi, uninstalled my account in error. My phone is Samsung and powered by Android.
    My user is: TalismanMike
    Level: 35
    And i think I’d just upgraded to level 11 ( when you first get rocket launcher).

  20. Big rooster level 20 hq level 54

  21. Broke my tablet don’t want to start over again please
    Base name noahs ark
    Head quarters 12
    Level 27
    Task force boom85

  22. Scott Shepheard

    Had to reset my phone and lit my progress. Please help..
    Name : Bigshep5.0 (maybe no 5.0 at the end )
    Level: 30 or 31
    Hq: 13 I believe

  23. Lost base.. zahny570
    Hq level 20
    Experience 52 or 53

  24. Hi. Lost connection with my base, Benters at level 41and HQ at level 16. Thanks

  25. Randy robison

    My phone died in a tragic swimming accident, it was in my pocket and drown. I would like to get my game back .

    Name was Wardaddy
    Hq level 22
    Level 61 or 62

  26. Hi,
    I had to set my phone to factory settings, so i lost boom beach and I can’t retrieve my base.
    Can you please help me?
    Name: Kess
    Level: 35
    HQ level: 15

    I can see my base in my task force (task force name: zrno je lejm)

    Thank you in advance

  27. Ricky norwood

    Hello, I’ve lost my base my username was redric1970, I was level 52, and I think my base was around 20-22, please help I can’t start again

  28. I had to set my phone to factory settings, so i lost all my apps, including boom beach, when i reinstalled it i couldnt start with my base. Is it possible to bring it back?
    My name: yuri
    Level: 56(or close to it)
    HQ: 22

    Please, make it happen. Cant wait to continue playing my favorite game.

  29. Hi. My iPhone crashed and I’ve lost my account.
    Player name: JayJay2501
    Task Force: DavyJonesLocker
    Level: 22
    HQ: 10

  30. My nephew signed on to his boom beach account on my android and now I can’t get back on mine. User name is Lisa lvl 50 hq 19 task force Toasted!

  31. The ipad crashed and am not able to reload my old standing.

    Game name was just alex
    Task force snowheads
    Level 51
    HQ 19
    and player tag is #c99cl2qg

  32. Hello I aciccidentally uploaded my kids older game from Game Center it took my game away. Killer I believe I was level 40 & he I believe I was at 16.

    Thanks for your help

  33. Hi Guys my phone crashed and can’t reload Base.
    My player name was Stove
    Level 41
    HQ 16
    Task force Bush Bandits
    Please help as don’t want to start from beginning

  34. Hello I’ve lost my account and as I’ve upgraded my iPhone to anothe iPhone. I would like my lost account ion this new phone as I don’t want to start from scratch.
    My screen name: Fozza
    Task force: weallfirst
    Level: 47
    Head quarters: 17 I’m pretty sure

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