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Boom Beach 5 ATTACKS Against the New Gearheart!

Boom Beach five attacks against new Colonel Gearheart War Factory!
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  1. "I'm a worldly man."
    ~Nick 2016

  2. where did the clash of clans videos go?

  3. I jay thought of a question. What took a bigger chunk of your time? Was it the push to Titan 1 or the Mega Crab?

  4. I got to say Nick. It's not BB related but being patient in Clash Royale and setting your troops in the back like most of you bigger players do actually works and helps! Thank you for the strategies!

  5. the new update has that the boats that giving you loot has double loot then you can see the wood or all the others

  6. the lazer beam was 25000 + 76500 health

  7. There was 1 max sniper town when u started

  8. LOVE,LOVE you and your videos. Totally in love w Boom Beach. If anyone is looking for an Active Task Force then U need to join mine. CANADIAN BOOM is the name, & MIZZ_Keli is the Leader in it. MUST BE ACTIVE & Be online at least Once in 24hrs. Come join and meet a great group of people from all over the world. CANADIAN BOOM is where its at. with MIZZ_KELI as a leader.

  9. it's too easy, I used 60 zoka 72 rifelman no statutes bost + they lvl 16 I destroyed it very easy ;-)

  10. Nick I boosted 3 statues and easily cleared it in 3. Game should have challenges but this wasn't

  11. Nick, you should let some trees grow back on your island! They added an animations that makes a monkey come out of it from time to time. I got one with a mystical parrot, helped me to get some luck for the day :)

  12. Woot, I'm part of that 1%!

  13. Wow, it burning in California? Well guess what, you're HOT!

  14. No glitsh, boats will only show resorces if they are at 10%+ of their capacity

  15. What program do you use 4 your ipad/iphone? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  16. Do a challenge where you only have one minute to destroy enemy bases

  17. You should upgrade your boom canons Nick to improve the economy.

  18. TROLL 4 LIFE looking for new members look us up only 1 rule participation in the weekly event

  19. Does Hammerman still attack?????

  20. dude yu play iron desert

  21. Dr .Terror looks like Dr. Nefario off of Despicable Me

  22. doesn't anyone think he's a bit red in the face

  23. hey can u guyz reach hq with warriors with smoke n retreating or doing anything without loosing any troops . Can You ????

  24. 你好!hello!

  25. the fact you spent thousands on this game is pathetic.

  26. +nickatnyte most people can't beat her because she is too powerful

  27. anyone know an active task force?

  28. wow Im lvl 46 was gonna be lvl 47 in 2 days then I was gonna upgrade my HQ to lvl 20 but now I need to reach exp lvl 50 means Instead of being 2 days away from hq20 I'm 4 months away now and for someone who loves playing boom beach I just have to say that I'm pissed!!!!

  29. He looks like trump…..

  30. After the latest update of the game became the notices do not chat show

  31. After the latest update of the game became the notices do not chat show

  32. After the latest update of the game became the notices do not chat show

  33. After the latest update of the game became the notices do not chat show

  34. After the latest update of the game became the notices do not chat show

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