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Boom Beach | 34 Defense Buildings, SIRI Picks How Many I Get vs HAMMERMAN?!

Boom Beach Hammerman Defense with a twist! Siri picks how many of my 34 defensive buildings that I get to use… She does SURPRISINGLY WELL! Boom Beach Hammerman Strikes Back!
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  1. check my channel out real quick

  2. how could you do that

  3. Plz do more prototype vids

  4. your videos are very good and I like watching them

  5. try to beat gear heart in one turn with all heavys

  6. Nickatnyte can you do an attack with only shock bombs on dr terro

  7. You should do a all gunboat energy challenge

  8. When Siri said 31 my iPad was on 31 percent battery

  9. merhaba ben türkiş im

  10. get the boy siri from america in

  11. Nick I said to Siri pick a number between 1and35 she said 1

  12. join New Avengers, all you need is 300 victory points, rapid promotion and good rewards

  13. Nick attack wAR factory

  14. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    Boom Beach | 34 Defense Buildings, SIRI Picks How Many I Get vs HAMMERMAN?!

  15. i talk to siri i said pick a number beetween 1 to 34 and he said 34 when hammerman stage 10

  16. Make a only tanks attack

  17. Attack with hammer man

  18. It's not simatrical

  19. İ ilke Your Siri Videos do it again

  20. your base isnt semetrical

  21. more siri please ahgesent L. T Hammer man

  22. I just love ur videos and the way you talk and everything, it's entertaining, I love the way you say, see you guys in the next episode

  23. omg there were 66 heavys and 6 medics hammerman equals illuminati confirmed

  24. hammerman defense with only weapon lab :v

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