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  1. Lost game and base, was linked to google play. Exp 32 hq 13. Name Crazy Ninja. Task force The Gogetters, members include Archangel, Seagrave, Capt Dropthem. Phone 7724445799.

  2. I lost my base when I had to replace my iPhone. Please help! I was at level 44, base 15?, name was deadbolt, and I was in task force wi beer drinkers. Help!

  3. Joshua R Thomason

    I can’t get in to my old account. Eltortuga level 43 experience and level 17 hq

  4. Hi, gamecenter keeps synchronising with a lvl 18 base. Om my iPhone (old device) in lvl 46 hq lvl 18. Userrname hjkolthof. Can my lvl 46 base be linked with gamecenter please ?

  5. Got a new device and can’t access my old one. It wants me to log in with Google Play, but no option for email or Google+ log in so it looks like I have no account. Username HotHead, HQ 19, Lvl 48, maybe just crossed into 49

  6. Name: Sgt schultz lost account during phone crash. Experience level 26 headquarters 10

  7. Hello my game got lost trying to transfer from one device to another game name is Emilio,experience level 28, and HQ level 12 pls help!

  8. I lost my boom beach due to my phone crashing. Name: MIGHTY MOUSE. Hq was a 17 and experience was a 43

  9. Hi I lost my boom beach base in software update. Now its starting fron beginning .My experience level is 27 and my headquarter level is 12 and the name is Imran khan. Please I need my old base back as soon as possible.

  10. Hi. My husband got a new iPhone and now he can’t long into his boom beach account. Game Center says his name is in use. His name is HatedbyMany and he is on level 43! Help!

  11. Hi I had another account on boom beach level is about 43 headquarters about 13 I think, and game name is peg1989(:

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