Boom Beach Operation Milk Run in Seconds! My New Task force takes charge at operation #1! Boom Beach New Task Force
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My name is Nick. I play games.

Title: Razihel – Legends (feat. TeamMate)
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5a0YGaVS0I
Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/monstercat
Title: SCNDL & Aero Chord – The Munsta (Aero Chord Remix)
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7n3L-XOVuA
Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/monstercat


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  1. Did you see jeff the scorcher in the video setting fire to the trees?If so state what time!

  2. During the video: we are going to have some adult words exchanged after the video.
    After the video: F*** YOUR SH** F**ING B*** N*****S.
    would have been funny to see after the video. Chat log would have been explicit AF. I bet you people got kicked.

  3. Lol nick stop talking and attack and talk!

  4. i want to join your task force

  5. I have tanks and milk run is to hard

  6. can I be in your task force?

  7. Probably should've uh… attacked, and THEN did your base monologue XD

  8. those operation bases are like a piece of cake for your taskforce

  9. those sons of bitches RUINED!!!!! THE FUCKING VIDEO

  10. Nickanyte, I like you, AND YOUR TASK FORCE. I was trying to atack recourse base lev 27 with wariers. By the way, YOUR BOOM BEACH VIDS ARE AWSOME

  11. i would play to your clan

  12. i would play to your clan

  13. you are talking too long

  14. I have boom beach my name is killer on it I love your videos please don't attack. me I never attack. you if you Don't attack. me I have a low base. my creew. is special ops 101 please join. me because you will be the highest one full level I live in kewanee.

  15. nice going nick keep it up, if you could try an attack with all riffelmen maxed level, if possible ill keep subscribing

  16. Hey Nick how do you become a task force co leader? I can't figure it out.

  17. how do you get a picture and name?

  18. Join the task force Strongman

  19. Y'all please join my task force

  20. i am Level 63 3000 Victory points

  21. My task force destroyed that in about 1min too!

  22. I love u your attack nicky iam a big fan 4u

  23. u don't do tips u just saw what could do damage your self and play boom beach yourself with your geat!!! base and all them diamond u clear ly buy and so u don't have to wait for them to be done so u can play again crickly

  24. when do you get scorchers

  25. You've attacked me before

  26. Nick lower the medals in your task force

  27. Hey you inspired me to play this game so thanks

  28. how do you leave a task force

  29. That members who attack in op is good players because in our tf members always wait for other members until we run out of time

  30. Can you heal critters because mine was not

  31. can I join your clan??

  32. destroyed 10 bases with lvl 2 rifelmen xD

  33. Your first attack was insanely sloppy. How could you lose a scorcher on such an easy base? xD

  34. sounds more like nick at nite like the night time nickelodeon

  35. he say my name..TWICE ahhhhhh

  36. I haven't ever defeat Hamerman

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