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Boom Beach ★ HQ 22 Unlocked! ★

Boom Beach unlocking with diamonds HQ 22, Rocket 14, Shock Launcher 10, the new sniper tower, gunboat 22, landing craft 22!
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Boom Beach ★ HQ 22 Unlocked! ★
Boom Beach ★ HQ 22 Unlocked! ★

Boom Beach ★ HQ 22 Unlocked! ★

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  1. I just attacked hammerman HQ level 25

  2. upgrade the shock launcher

  3. what a hacker… he have 40 000 gems. WTF?!

  4. idk in my opinion orange in steal look pretty good for the mortor

  5. Join Seasiders an English speaking task force. We're looking for anyone of any level just to be active and participate in ops. #L2R2PYJ

  6. Lvl 22 landing craft still show the number 25 on the back

  7. this is the only video I hate

  8. u mist out the flame thrower

  9. I wish he would do hay day

  10. mann my heartttt you spend all those diamonds????

  11. qaqa bu hesabi 10000 azn qarwiliginda verde

  12. Are you gonna make more boom beach please replay

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  14. Nickatnyte very great

  15. What is your Task Force name?

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  17. I REALLY like to see you know your math

  18. hi nick I'm your biggest fan ever and 1 question I'm a level 68 in boom beach and I got low dimands so how do we hack in boom beach

  19. Don't upgrade your snippet tower

  20. 32 one of the machine guns had a grey right arm

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  22. ohhh god I wish I had a base like u TOTALLY AMAZING

  23. G E T F R E E D I A M O N D S & G O L D H E R E !!!
    >>>> https://getpocket.com/s/MvLla?c633 <<<<<<<
    C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U ❤️

  24. BOOM CANNONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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