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Sneak Peek 2

Commander, Headquarters has sent us another Sneak Peek!! What could this be?

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  1. I’m very disappointed as i purchase the new prototype and know just to find out I can’t get any prototype as I don’t even know wich level blackguard headquarters I’m at,I’ve been very active and spent real cash to play a game wich u guys make it almost impossible to advance. Not only do I get attacked four to five times a day by advanced players that are not even in my category resources are really hard to come by and rewards are not justified for the expense I put out,u guys need to revamp the prices of advancements to keep people playing and cut down the time to upgrade as it’s starting to be like clash of clans.this doesn’t mean I hate this wich is opposite I love boombeach and even recruited several players .i do understand it’s all about money but keep in mind that most people cant afford it and doesn’t allow the common joe to be able to play.another thing why come out with new tactics that most people cant reach must keep it real guys.

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