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Bloons TD Battles | SCREAM RAGE QUIT! | Facing the GODLY Player Molt!

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Bloons TD Battles – Rushing On Bloons Tower Defense Battles! – Epic BTD Battles Match! Bloons TD Battles multiplayer Co-op challenges!

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My name is Nick. I play games.

Play the top-rated tower defense franchise in this all new head-to-head strategy game – FREE!
It’s monkey vs monkey for the first time ever – go head to head with other players in a bloon-popping battle for victory. From the creators of best-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles game is specially designed for multiplayer combat, featuring 18 custom head-to-head tracks, incredible towers and upgrades, all-new attack and defense boosts, and the ability to control bloons directly and send them charging past your opponent’s defenses.
Check out these awesome features!
* Head-to-head two player Bloons TD
* 18 custom Battles tracks
* 20 awesome monkey towers, each with 8 powerful upgrades
* Assault Mode – manage strong defenses and send bloons directly against your opponent
* Defensive Mode – build up your income and outlast your challenger with your superior defenses
* All new Monkey Tower Boost – supercharge your monkey towers to fast attack for a limited time
* All new Bloons Boost – power up your bloons to charge your opponent in Assault mode
* Create and join private matches to challenge any of your facebook friends
* 16 cool achievements to claim
* Customize your bloons with decals so your victory has a signature stamp
“…outstanding gameplay”
— Modojo, 4/5 stars
“…excellent for players seeking a real challenge”
— Gamezebo, 4/5 stars
“…simplfied-yet-fun multiplayer”
— 148Apps, 4/5 stars
Test your tower defense skills against players from all over the world in two awesome game modes. In Assault Mode, you balance your income between building defenses and sending groups of bloons at your opponent. In Defensive Mode, you don’t send bloons directly and instead outlast your challenger against endless waves of bloons. Either way, the last player standing wins, earning Medallions that will unlock new monkey towers, powerful upgrades, and cool bloon decals with which you can customize your attacks.
If you are new to Bloons tower defense games, don’t worry – a helpful tutorial walks you through the game, and matchmaking will help balance the opponents you face. And if you want to battle against your friends, you can easily create and join private matches with anyone on your Facebook friends list.
The choice of strategy is yours – hunker down for the long game, or go for the quick win with a rush of fast Bloons? Jump into a game of Bloons TD Battles now!
REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION (for Assault and Defensive modes – Practice mode is playable offline)


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  1. If anyone wants to play with me reply your Game Center name

  2. Molt could of place a bloonjitsu

  3. hey nick can me and u battle on bloons td

  4. Tbh I expected a way louder yell than that

  5. Bloonchipper + Artic Wind (Ice Monkey) = Round 9001 (OVER 9000!?!?!??!?!?)

  6. (facepalm) why does everyone suk, you guys cant even beat cheaty

  7. I love how he screamed at the end XD

  8. if you want free medalions just download freedoam. launch it. launch the game with it. press buy medalions. And BOOM. you got your free medalions. No need for freemyapps.

  9. 8:45 = MOLT SMASHHHH which means molt smashes Nickatnyte because at 8:45 Nickatnyte rages

  10. my favorite monkey tower combo depends on what I want to go with the supermonkey (such as the bomb tower or wizard)

  11. I use ninja,farm and apprentice

  12. i hope you have 1 million subs!!

  13. godly with that win lose ratio I dont think so

  14. Ninjas are not used for begining

  15. HOW FO YOU HAVE 64 ENERGY??????????!?!?!?!??!?!?

  16. Where does he rage quit?

  17. molt isn't godly superjombombo is.

  18. anyone watching in 2016 and rememebering how much nick and molt were such newbes

  19. if you get the ninja monkeys to double shot it will be a good starter

  20. I'm much better then molt…

  21. if you want a good ninja start use my strat(MADE AND INVENTED BY ME) put down ninja and go for straight bloonjistu and get a cannon cause by the time you have it it will be lead round ok plz use it i have faced a lot of peaple iv faced befor and they use my strat once i faced a youtuber and now peaple think its his strt but its not!

  22. same with me I die befor the guy did we were both at 0 Heath i was so mad

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